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How to start Ereada Mat after your received it

How to start Ereada Mat after your received it

When you get your parcel, it would be a big carton box delivered by the Courier services as UPS or Fedex.

Though we usually order signature confirmation, sometimes the driver just leaves the big box near your front door or garage.

The box may be damaged in shipping but usually it does not create any problems for the mats which are packed inside with double safety.

The box maybe heavy, almost 45 pounds for the Professional Mat and much lighter around 14 pounds for Amethyst Mini Pad. Handle it with the maximum care to your health. 

If it is cold outside, better to leave the box inside for several hours to warm up before the first use. You can also unpack the carton and leave the mat to warm up on the bed. There will be a mat in the plastic bag, the controller with 2 cords in the other, both may be loaded into a big black or red carry bag with Ereada Amethyst Mat Logo.

The catalog / instruction manual should be either inside the box or attached in the special bag to the outside of the box. If it is not available, do not worry, you can always download the Amethyst mat manual from our web site or ask us and we will mail you the printed one ASAP.

Before the first connection of bio mat to the power source, check that there is electricity in the socket and that it is protected from the power surges. If not, you should use the UPC or the Power Surge Protector. Connect the mat terminal and the controller plug first ( tongue and grove system ) and check that the connection is correct and snug tight before connecting the second controller wire plug to the power outlet.

Always first connect the controller plug to the mat terminal and only then to the power source.

If you travel to 220-240v country, remember, please, that the standard travel adapter will not work and you need a special step down transformer converting 220-240v into 110-120v with wattage at least two times more than the power consumption of your mat.

Usually we recommend to start by heating the mat to the maximum level for 2 hours for testing purpose. There is no smell, harmful or allergic materials used in the Ereada® mat production but just for double safety it is better to have done so that any remaining from manufacturing process volatile particles also go away during this process.

During this time the mat should not be used. You can read the instruction manual during this time and learn how the mat functions in different modes. If the operate indicator is always ON at the maximum heat level, it is OK. If it goes down after you rotate the temperature adjust dial to reduce the level, it is also OK.

The controller should not be placed on the mat.

If everything is OK, you can start your first session, better to keep it under half an hour on the medium heat level for now.

Use comfortable cotton clothes and a good towel.

But first - please, spend several minutes to study our short introductory recommendations for starting the Far Infrared Amethyst mat and useful tips. They will be very helpful!

Note: Ereada® mat can become an important part of your daily activity and general wellness regimen and supplement your healthy lifestyle. It may help to create relaxing or reenergizing environment awakening the restfulness, comfort and invigoration powers, energies and inner forces. Ereada® mats are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, heal, mitigate, or prevent any disease, illness, symptom or medical condition, or to substitute medical treatment of any kind or to affect the structure or any function of the body. Any information on https://Ereada.com or on linked websites or literature, on labeling or in printed materials of Ereada Corp are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, heal, mitigate, or prevent any disease, illness, symptom or medical condition or to substitute medical advice of any kind. Please, see Legal Disclaimer page for more information.

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