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Electromagnetic fields (EMFs)

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are present everywhere in the nature.Light is its most familiar form though most part of EMFs is invisible to the human eye. Electric and magnetic fields spectrum extends from static electric and magnetic fields, through radio frequency and InfraRed radiation, to X-rays.EMFs include Sun light, electricity in different forms, Earth magnetism and many micro sources of energy including our bodies, organs and cells.

It is important to understand the difference between the helpful electromagnetic fields used for beneficial purposes and harmful EMFs which can cause damage to human bodies.

There are a lot of natural harmful EMFs as UV light in high dozes, Gamma- or X-rays radiation. The hazardous manmade electromagnetic fields also surround us. These fields are generated by electrical wiring in our buildings, electric tools, kitchen appliances, cell phones, computers, telecommunications and other devices. They can be distinguished by High Frequencies and High Intensity. Some studies have shown a link between cumulative EMF exposures and suboptimal health.Our mats are very safe in regards to harmful and unwanted EMF.The full protection of the users of our products from harmful EMF is provided by both passive and active EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interception) technologies integrated into our Amethyst mats .  

1. The passive system consists of the double silicon and teflon insulation and shielding of low emission titanium heating elements and the EMI layers of the mats with copper fiber, carbon fiber, silver fiber or aluminum foil to control the remaining EMFs on almost zero level. It is very efficient against magnetic part of EMFs

2. The active system includes the special wires and carbon layer catching the peak electric and magnetic waves. It works with the Controller AUTO EMI function automatically detecting and transferring absorbed by this system EMFs spikes into the wall socket “ground pin” for Earthing. This system works great to eliminate electric waves or e-waves.

Active EMI is like a lighting rod safely conducting the EMFs into the ground. It is available on all Ereada® mats. The similar system is used on Richway biomats. Other mats in the market are not grounded. If you open the plug of the controller you may see that the wire is cut on all the mats of China origin. That is why Ereada® mats generate only around 1-10 V/m ( 0.3-0.03 mG) of electric waves.The measurement showed that even during the spikes the magnetic fields intensity was note more than 0.2-0.5 milliGauss (mG) which is even less than a typical in home background (0.5-4 mG), and is considered generally safe for sleeping (less than 1 mG is recommended).

(40–60Our mats different frequencies EMFs blocking average levels drop less than 10 dB which is far below than the standards for safety established by FCC for USA and CE for Europe (40-60 dB).




Safety and absence of harmful electromagnetic fields is confirmed by EMF tests in Korean registered Laboratory.

In general our mats are the safest in the market and they are comparable to Richway Biomats in the EMF levels and interception functions. The other mats in the market (mainly made in China) usually do not have the active EMI system and grounding features and use much cheaper and not so stable heating elements.

If you open the plug of competitor’s mats you will find that they may even lack the grounding wire inside.But EMF sensitive users should be aware that some parts of all brands FIR mats are difficult to shield and they emit relatively higher levels. These parts are generally the plugs, the wires, the connection terminal and the controllers themselves.

The Ereada® Pro/Single/MidSize controllers on full power emit up to 8mG and the Mini Mat controllers emit up to 3mG.Though it is still on the safe levels but for sleeping it is better to put the controller in some distance from your head (same as you should do with the phone charger, desk lamp or any other electrical devices).Also it is better to use the Amethyst pillow (or at least the standard one) to avoid the occasional contacts between the head and the connection terminal.

For EMF sensitive persons using bigger mats for sleeping (Single or Professional size) it would be recommended to sleep with the feet towards the terminal which is situated near the logo on the top of the mat. It is the best way to avoid higher EMF emission from the wires and terminal to the head which is the most sensitive area of the human body. Alternatively the FIR Mat can be preheated to the max level for an hour so that the crystals accumulate more energy and then completely disconnected from the socket so that there is no EMF at all.It is quite enough to have relaxing half hour high-medium heat procedure before sleeping.

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