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Visible Red Light with a wavelength 660 nm proved to be able to penetrate tissues to a depth of 8-10mm*.

Red Light Phototherapy is widely used for its ability to rejuvenate the look of skin.

There are a lot of clinical studies and researches results published on PUBMED proving efficiency of 660 nm phototherapy.

Combination of the visible Red Light with the deeper penetrative InfraRed Crystal rays may be helpful.

The Purple Ereada® Mats with the" PHOTON" function synergies both visible and invisible Red Lights in the one powerful device.

The “PHOTON” button activates Red Light LEDs with the most beneficial 660nm wavelength for 1 hour periods each 4 hours of mat active sessions. To stop the function press the “PHOTON” button again and the indicator will go down, the LEDs will be turned off. To reactivate press the button again.

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