Ereada™ Amethyst FIR Pillows are more then just luxury contour cervical orthopedic pillows

These Pillows bring the Healing Powers of Amethyst, Crystal Far InfraRed Rays and Healthful Negative Ions into your bedroom.

Ereada™ pillow may improve the curvature of your neck and promote the healing process to soothe your neck, back and head.*

You have a choice between Purple and Brown Eco-Suede Pillow of two sizes:

  1. The bigger and heavier B-SHAPE 19"x12.5"x3.3" Pillow with two different-sized support lobes (3" and 3.5")
  2. Smaller and lighter D-SHAPE or HALF ROLL 16"x7.5"x3" Pillows

Transparent lines on Pillows show Amethyst abundant under the entire wavy surface.

Ereada™ Pillow consists of 2 parts.

  1. The core insert made of special heat resistant memory foam for FIRM cervical support
  2. Valuable cover with precious natural tumbled crystals of Amethyst infused along the whole length of the pillow case 

The hard core pillows with FIRM CERVICAL SUPPORT may provide better head and neck elevated position during FIR heat therapy sessions on hot stone mats and pads.

These Gemstone Pillows recapture Far InfraRed heat from the FIR Mat and radiate it at a lower intensity especially useful for high heat detoxification procedures on the FIR mat.

Since ancient times Amethyst gems filling the pillow cover: are known as healing stones reducing emotional problems, stress, anxiety and depression, helpful to alleviate tension, headaches, migraines, toothaches, neck problems, snoring, the discomforts of arthritis, skeletal pains, and other bone and joint-related ailments.*

For ages these crystals soothe people engaged in rigorous mental activity, help to relax the nervous system, reduce negativity and relieve insomnia.*

Natural Amethyst is also known for skin whitening effects and may be effective in preventing itchy and atopic skin*.

Ereada™ Amethyst Pillows are non-powered and do not utilize electricity.

The crystals forming the whole surface of the pillows naturally release healthy Far InfraRed rays and Negative Ions in safe and delicate way using your one body heat.

The gems can absorb the excessive heat from the too hot zones of your head and return it to those areas which need more warmth and better circulation.

It is also great to use Amethyst Pillows without the heating mat for more relaxing and restful all-night sleep to have more positive emotional state.

These pillows with healing gems may also be effective for back and joints issues.*

When sleeping on your side, a FIRM pillow between your knees can reduce stress on your hips and lower back preventing misalignment and pain.*

Ereada™ Pillow is a great addition to all Ereada™ FIR mats, definitely recommended for use in both home and professional setting.

If the pillow is too hard you can take the pillowcase with Amethyst crystals off the pillow. There is a zipper on the back side. Then put your favorite soft pillow into the pillowcase with crystals for a comfortable and healing all night sleep.

You can also use one or several standard cotton pillowcases ( cotton is permeable for FIR crystal rays and ions ) on top to eliminate the crystals pressure.