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Before you buy a mat

Who is the manufacturer of Infra-Red amethyst mats?

Ereada® Corp is an American company, based in Avon, Connecticut. All our mats are manufactured in Korea in the facilities of Hyundai Co.

Our history is simple. We started as users ourselves and highly appreciated the benefits of crystals powers and of comfortable enveloping heat.

The high price of amethyst bio--mats and other products from this wonderful gem was the main challenge.

We created our business to make high quality original amethyst mats affordable to more people.

Why choose Ereada? Top 10 reasons to choose Ereada@ Mat over competitors.

Picking the right solution may be an overwhelming task. Why buy from us instead of competitors?  You can follow the link to see detailed information.



In which country Ereada® mats are made?

All our amethyst and Gemstone mats are made in South Korea by the world-famous manufacturer Hyundai Co exclusively for our company. 

How do Ereada® mats compare to other mats in the market?

Our mats are made in South Korea by the world-famous manufacturer Hyundai exclusively for our company. While most of other brands are manufactured in China.

Classic Brown Ereada® Amethyst mats are featured with Negative Potential N.P. functions with silver fiber layer for E.D.N.I or electrical discharge of negative ions. This function converts the mat into the spa bath with ions into which you can sink your body.

This function was previously available only on the professional and larger Richway bio-pads but now we offer it even on the mini mats for a fraction of cost.

Our other mats are even superior to the majority of the hot stone mats in the market because Ereada®  Purple and Gray mats are enriched with additional functions such as pulsed magnetism PEMF (Purple and Gray Amethyst mats and Gemstone mats), PHOTON LIGHT (only Purple mats), Static Magnets (Purple and Gemstone Collections) and Air Ions (Purple, Gray Amethyst mattresses and Gemstone ones) making them truly unique.

Ereada® mats of the same size are 20-30% heavier than other mats in the market. Due to more crystals inside, the mats will generate more radiant rays.

As well, with proper care, Ereada® mats could be a lifetime purchase unlike cheaper mats from China.

What is the estimated lifespan of Ereada® mats?

Many old amethyst mats manufactured 20 years ago by Hyundai Co are used daily by practitioners and professionals in Asian countries till now. 

If used correctly with covers and surge suppression devices in the power sockets to protect mats’ and controllers’ electronics from power spikes and provide stable voltage, the mat's lifetime estimate may be unlimited. 

Many mats manufactured 20 years ago are still functioning. So, though we estimated the lifespan of Ereada® mats as 10 years, if you use it at home, it should be a lifetime purchase. This is what distinguishes Ereada® mats from other brands, mainly those made in China.

Can I return or replace the mat if does not work for me? It comes with a high price tag and I would like to know what protection I have.

We understand that it is a significant investment and it is a priority to us that you are satisfied with your purchase. We prepared 5 protections for our customers.

1. Risk free purchase

We offer a Risk Free Purchase policy and 30-day trial period in which you can test your mat and find out if you like it.

If you don’t like the mat for any reason, you can return it in working condition for a full refund.

You will only have to pay the shipping.

2. Free replacement

You can also replace the mat for another model within 30-day trial period.

If you replace your mat for a more expensive one, you are not charged any shipping or restocking fees.

Simply send us your mat in working condition back to us (of course contact us first at ereada@ereada.com for return authorization) and inform which one you would like to purchase and we will invoice and ship it to you.

3. Life time trade-in policy protection

It works regardless of your mat’s condition or how old it is.

You can always send your mat back to us (of course contact us first at ereada@ereada.com for return authorization) as a trade-in for a new purchase and use up to 30-50% of its original price to purchase the new mat.

If your mat is in good condition, you will receive a credit up to 50% of the original mat value to be put towards your new purchase of a new product of any kind equal to or more expensive than your original one.

4. Even an old warn or damaged mat has value and can be traded-in

Trade-in policy covers even the damaged mats no matter how long you have owned it, what happened to the mat and how it looks.

So, even if the mat malfunctions after the warranty period is over, your investment is still protected and even the damaged or non-operational mat still has value, ussually about 20-30% of the original mat value, no matter how old it is.

If you decide to get a new mat you can send your old mat to us, regardless of condition, and receive the credit towards your new purchase.

You can get credit even for your non-working mat if the product was purchased from Ereada Corp or our FIR Mat Store on Amazon. 

Of course contact us first at ereada@ereada.com for return authorization

But really our products are high quality long life durable products with almost zero percent defect rate.

5. 1 year warranty with free return shipping of defective unit and free shipping of replacement.

Every mat comes with a one year warranty (365 days from the date of purchase) that covers any manufacturing defects.

The warranty works simple and is FAST and FREE. Please, check the link for more information.

If your mat malfunctions, we will provide you with a prepaid return shipping label and replace it absolutely free of charge. 

The mats are bulky and shipping charges are very high so both ways free shipping is a valuable addition to the warranty terms.

If something happens after the warranty period has expired, we always do our best to repair your mat with the lowest costs for you and as soon as possible.

Or if you prefer replacement, your mat will always have a lifetime trade-in value even if it is occasionally damaged or non-operational no matter what happened.

What is the warranty?

We have a 2-year warranty for Classic Ereada® Brown mats and 1-year protection for Gray, Purple, Gemstone mats with additional features like PEMF or Red Light LEDs. Both warranties are with Free return shipping of defective unit and Free shipping of replacement.

Every mat comes with a one or two year warranty (365 or 730 days from the date of purchase) that covers any manufacturing defects.

The warranty works simple and is FAST and FREE. Please, check the link for more information.

If your mat malfunctions, we will provide you with a prepaid return shipping label and replace it absolutely free of charge. 

The mats are bulky and shipping charges are very high so both ways free shipping is a valuable addition to the warranty terms.

If something happens after the warranty period has expired, we always do our best to repair your mat with the lowest costs for you and as soon as possible.

Or if you prefer replacement, your mat will always have a lifetime trade-in value even if it is occasionally damaged or non-operational no matter what happened.

You can also purchase a home use warranty extension up to 5 years for half price of the mat.

I have brown Ereada 24x59 mat 2 years old, like new and works fine but due to personal issues would like to trade-in it for the same mat. How the trade-in credit value is calculated? Please, explain.

We have an open business model with honest policies. We share information you need and hope it will be helpful for other customers as well.

The basis for calculation is the originally paid by you price even if it went up or down since purchase.

But there are some deductions as following.

Please, note that though shipping to our customers is free, really we pay for shipping and insurance and the original value of the mats which is the base for trade-in credit calculation is lower than the purchase price.

Also all our sales are charged with commissions for processing payments, etc. These commissions vary from 15% on Amazon to less than 5% on Shopify (Ereada.com).

Also there are some disposable items in the box such as thin waterproof covers and thick 3-D padded protectors which also have some costs though they are free with the original purchase. They cannot be re-used because of hygienic restrictions and are not subject to trade-in policy. Their costs (not sale price which is twice higher) is also deducted.

So for example if the Classic Brown Ereada® Amethyst Midsize (Compact Pro) Mat  2 years old in like new completely operational condition is traded-in the credit towards the same new mat purchase will be calculated as follows:

Original purchase price on Amazon or Ereada.com with free shipping was $740 (though currently the mat is on sale for $690)


- shipping cost within continental states $50

- Amazon commission 15% $111 (if the mat was purchased on Ereada.com commission for payment processing is only 5% or $37)

- Thin waterproof protective cover $20 (sold at $40 on Ereada.com)

- 3-D padded thick waterproof multilayer protective cover $32.5 (sold at $65 on Ereada.com)

So the basis value for this mat is $740-$50-$111-$20-$32.5=$526.5 if purchased on Amazon or  $740-$50-$37-$20-$32.5=$600.5 if purchased on Amazon

50% credit towards the new purchase is $258 if the mat was purchased on Amazon or $300 if it was purchased on Ereada.com.

The same new mat price is now $690 so you will have to pay only $690 - $300 = $390 if the original mat was purchased on Ereada.com or $690-$258 = $442 if the mat was purchased on Amazon. 

Original order confirmation maybe necessary. You are also responsible for shipping the traded-in mat to us. Also the calculation is based on your preliminary information about the mat condition which is verified during the return processing by the 3-d party professional return processing and refurbishment center which assigns final condition and provides short reference about the condition which we share with our customers.

You may know that Ereada mats manufactured in Korea have much higher cost and value than that of manufactured in China mats. So 50% of the mat purchase value really is less than the new mat costs for us.

But sometimes even the 5 years old mat looks like new. Really our mats can work 10-20 years and they always keep their value.

eddewing to fix the stones without any glue or chemical compounds.  

They are 100% safe for humans and pets and have no additional odors. 

When the mat is heated up for the first time, it may give off a little scent that usually goes away after several hours of pre-use testing which we recommend all our customers to start with. It is not harmful anyhow.

What is the construction difference of Ereada® mats and other heating mats with hot stones ?

All high quality FIR heating pads with crystals and gemstones are made basically the same way. They have 15-20 different layers. However, small differences in mats’ layers don’t really affect the functionality. 

The main difference is in the quality of those layers. The mats made in Korea can serve you for a lifetime because the have heavy duty layers, while some brands from China use low quality layers. 

We know that some hot stone and infrared mats that are made in China by certified manufacturers are of rather good quality but all these mats have only been in the market for several years while Korean manufacturers Hyundai Medical, Rich way and Life, Nugabest, Ceragem invented these mats and have been manufacturing them for more than 20 years and many of the first models are still in operation. 

While good quality mats that are made in China under U.S. brands quality control are OK for home use, Korean mats are usually a better choice for professionals or those customers using them daily for 8-12 hours.

If we speak about the imitations or low priced no-name made in China hot stone heating pads, they should be avoided because of hazardous materials, smell, high harmful EMFs, fake gemstones, no warranty. These are disposable products which may do more harm to your health than benefits.

You offer several collections and many different size mattresses. How do I choose the one that will work best for me?

All ours mats can be helpful to improve your wellness and assist in your healthful lifestyle management. So you can’t go wrong with any of our mats and the best choice may be one of our Brown Classic mats as the most time verified items.

If you need more specific function you can look at our Purple or Grey Amethyst mats and Gemstone mats with Static magnets, PEMF and Photon red light (only purple mats).

It could be great to get more knowledge of the technologies integrated into the mats by familiarizing yourself with their individual aspects through web search, Pubmed or dedicated websites.

As for the sizes Ereada® mats come in several convenient types for local use, whole body or even two person sessions:  20"x31.5" Mini; 24"x59" Compact PRO or Midsize; 29"x73" Professional, 39"x75" Single; 59"x75" Queen.

You can use it on your bed (Single is the best to sleep), massage table (Professional size fits it ideally), couch or chair (brown mini mats without N.P. are the best for use in the chair) or even on the floor for yoga and stretching.

Typically our mini mats 20"x31.5" are intended for specific local areas or for portability.

As for the large mats, the best way to understand what size mat to get for full body wellness management is your height.

  • If your height is 5’5” and under, you can choose our Compact Pro or Midsize 59”x24” sized mats
  • If your height is between 5’5” and 6’1”,  our professional 73”x29” sized mats will work fine.
  • If you are 6’2” and over – 75”x39” Single sized mats will work the best. They are also the best for sleeping for all people.

Hope it will make easier to pick the best mat for you. If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us at ereada@ereada.com

Can I use Ereada mat for pets?

Old dogs and cats adore mats and love to be on warm surface of the mat, just make sure that your pet does not scratch, bite or chew the cable, controller or the mat itself.

It is a good idea to always watch it and make sure your pet doesn’t damage the mat in such or any other way.

It is important because electricity can make harm to your per if the mat is damaged.

If you are going to use the mat for your pets, it may be great to purchase an additional waterproof cover to protect the mat from any accidents without sharing your cover coming in the set with your pet.

When your pet is using a mat, please, use the low or medium levels to keep the mat warm, unless you have another recommendation from your vet.

We also recommend non-powered, non-electric amethyst or Gemstone mats for pets.

Our pets feel great, become more active and eat better after sessions.

What is the phone number or best way to contact you?

You can phone +1 (800) 688-7780. But the best way to contact is to send a message through our website or to email ereada@ereada.com. It will bring your inquiry directly to the company CEO.

Special promotions and discounts 

Do you sell unpowered non-electric amethyst mats, do they have benefits?

Any amethyst mat can be used in unpowered mode. It is still beneficial as the mat can use your own body heat to generate crystal FIR rays or negative ions. It also cools you in summer.

The mat can be recharged on the sun in summer time. It may be preheated even more than the standard electric mat. You can also preheat it with a cheap electric blanket and sleep on the warm mat. The stones will hold warmth until you get asleep.

The best of all is that it can be used for active exercising which can damage the heating mats.

Many customers choose unpowered mats for pets (the cats adore such mats).

Is there any professional, military or wholesale discount for your product?

Yes, we provide discounts for new mats for professionals, wholesalers, military personnel, reviewers, influencers, and many other private and business customers.

Please, feel free to email us ereada@ereada.com about your particular situation and we will prepare special offers.

Here is the link for military discounts for Ereada amethyst mats.

Do you sell pre-owned or discounted amethyst mats?

Yes, we have refurbished mats discounted up to 30-40%. Usually majority of these mats is sold as New Other, Like New, Very Good conditions. They are either customers’ returns to us within 30 days of the Risk Free Trial Period or the open box absolutely new products where some parts were missing as controllers, protectors, etc and were replaced by us during testing procedures. They are professionally cleaned and refurbished if necessary. So, all of them are really like new. And all are covered with 1 year warranty replacement for a new mat or a mat in the same condition as originally purchased from us.

Please check https://ereada.com/blogs/used-mats-deals

What is your wholesale discount or consolidated order discount?

We provide additional discounts for a wholesale purchase of at least 3 mats. To get it, you could make one consolidated order with your relatives, friends or neighbors and save money on each item. All discounts must be requested before purchase.

Do you have any promotions?

Please, sign up to our newsletter for information about promotions. You could also request special priced or discounted items by email ereada@ereada.com. We also offer specials to repeated customers.

Buying a Mat and shipping

What is included into the box?

The mat set Includes:

  • Ereada® amethyst or gemstone mat
  • Controller with cords to connect it to the mat (first) and to the power outlet (second)
  • Waterproof thick washable or non-washable (please, check the tag) multilayer protective cover with 3-d air mesh layer and elastic skirt and/or washable protection thin cover with four corner straps, both are FIR, PEMF and Ions permeable
  • Carry Bag for mat storage (please, fold it same way as when you received it and do not store in vertical position along the wall)
  • Owner's Guide and additional documentations

Are your mats flexible? Can I put it on my recliner or chair?

Mostly our amethyst mats are not flexible, they are stiff and hard because of the high density compressed cotton layer in the bottom of the mat used to insulate and protect the heating elements, sensors and other electronics. It also helps to direct the heat upwards.

If the mat has Photon and PEMF function it will be thicker and harder.

The most flexible among the mats is the Brown Ereada® Mini mat without N.P. layer. You can bend it up to 90 degrees and put it on a recliner/chair or even use it as a blanket. 

What size of the mat is best for sleeping?

The smaller mats are not so good for sleeping because small area of your body is elevated over the level of your bed mattress. You may feel uncomfortable.

Usually, the Compact Pro 24"x59" model is Ok for people with 5'5" height or less but for tall people the professional mat 29”x73” is a better choice. Of course, the Single size mats 39"x75" are the best for sleeping.

Queen mats are very rare and unique, they allow to adjust heat level separately for the left and right sides of the mat. It is the best choice if you share your queen bed with your spouse.

Which mat is the softest?

The softest should be the Ereada Brown Amethyst Mat Mini without N.P. layer and it is also it is the only mat that can be used in bent condition on the chair or to cover your body.

What is Ereada® pillow?

Amethyst pillows consist of 2 parts, the core insert made of special heat resistant HARD memory foam for FIRM cervical support and the valuable cover with precious natural tumbled crystals of amethyst infused along the whole length of the pillow case.

All of the pillows are specially designed to be used with Ereada® mats and for short procedures before sleeping (harder one) or as a separate pillow just for sleeping and relaxation (softer ones).

Ereada® pillows may provide more comfortable head and neck elevated position during FIR heat sessions on hot stone mats and pads.

These pillows are supposed to be hard and are not built for comfort or long procedures from the very beginning. Of course, everybody is different and some customers may sleep on them right on the first day but mostly our customers use them occasionally for short procedures.

For long use, sleeping or relaxing if you need to make the pillow really soft, the best solution would be to have the cover with crystals removed from the pillow insert (there is a zipper on the back) and put it onto your standard pillow or have it filled with some soft material such as eggshell mattress pad material or shredded memory foam for bean bags for a comfortable all night sleeping.

Which pillow is better HARD or SOFT?

To provide better head and neck elevated position during FIR heat sessions on hot stone mats the pillows are supposed to be HARD. They are not built for comfort or long procedures. For long use, sleeping or relaxation, a SOFT pillow would be a better choice.

What are the main differences in effects between Mini mat and Professional?

The Mini mats and pads are great for local use when you need to apply heating crystal rays to some area of your body (back or legs most frequently) .

You can get the whole body experience from one mini mat. Just put it first under your back and after some time under your legs. It will take more time than if you were using just one large mat. But you will be able to control what zones of your body are on the mat, as well as put it on your belly if needed.

So, it can be used for high heat sessions with sweating but it takes more time to influence the entire body.

The Pro size is better for the whole body and is also a choice of professionals as it fits the standard massage table. 

The Midsize/Compact (24”x59”) works fine for not too tall folks.

All mats can be used for sleeping but the Professional and especially Single or Double Size mats work the best.

Some customers also use the Mini mat to cover themselves while lying on a bigger mat.

Extra care and professional supervision may be recommended for any intensive sessions on high heat levels.

How many days it will take to have my mat delivered after the order is placed?

If you choose free U.S. shipping you will get it within 10 business days. However, we have several warehouses throughout the country and do our best to deliver within 1 week. If you need your mat faster, you may prefer to choose expedited shipping at the checkout.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Shipping time may vary from 2 to 4-5 weeks. Delays are usually associated with customs procedures. Remember that you may also be subject to VAT and local customs import taxes at the destination, which could be 10-13% of the declared value.

Shipping costs depend on the model, size and weight. Standard USPS fees for priority service delivery abroad (we ship to Europe, UK, Russia, HK, Australia, UAE) are $100 for Mini Mat, $200 for Midsize and $300 for Pro Size.

You should send us email ereada@ereada.com so that we manually process your order and send you an invoice with payment link.

You can also ask us to ship this item to a “shipping center” in the USA (a special service to save on shipping for international buyers). It’s a good way to save money and in this case you can simply place your order on our website with free U.S. shipping.

Anyhow if the billing address and shipping address do not match, please, send us email with your order confirmation and a copy of your ID to proceed.

Is shipping to Canada free? How long does it take?

Shipping to Canada usually takes from 1 weeks to 3 weeks. Delays are usually associated with customs procedures on the Canadian side. 

The shipping costs depend on the model size and weight. Standard USPS fees for priority service delivery are $70 for Mini Mat, $120 for Midsize and $200 for Pro Size.

You should send us email ereada@ereada.com so that we manually process your order and send you an invoice with payment link.


Are the mats protected from harmful EMFs?

Yes, all of our mats are completely protected from unwanted harmful EMFs. To see  EMF tests conducted on all Ereada® mats, please, watch it on Ereada Youtube Channel.

The full protection of the users of our products from harmful EMFs is provided by both passive and active EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interception) technologies integrated into our Ereada® amethyst mats.

Please, remember that all EMF tests should be conducted when the mat is heating up and when PEMF function

The passive system is mainly used for magnetic part of EMFs.  

It consists of the double silicon and teflon insulation and shielding of low emission titanium heating elements. Various layers inside the mats  work to block and eliminate EMF radiation. These are the special EMI layers with copper fiber, carbon fiber, silver fiber to control the remaining EMFs on almost zero level, usually same as background.

The active system mainly intercepts electric part (e-waves) of EMFs 

It includes the special wires and carbon layer catching electric and peak magnetic waves. It works with the Controller AUTO EMI function automatically detecting and transferring absorbed by this system electric waves into the wall socket “ground pin” for Earthing. 

The active system is like a lighting rod safely conducting the EMFs into the ground. It is available on all Ereada® mats and is very important to remove electric waves (e-waves). The similar system is used on Richway bio-pads.

Other mats in the market usually lack the active system to eliminate electric waves.

The measurements showed that even during the spikes the electromagnetic fields intensity was not more then 0.2-0.5 milliGauss (mG) which is even less than a typical in home background (0.5-4 mG) and is considered generally safe for sleeping (less than 1 mG is recommended).

Our mats’ average EMFs blocking levels are less than 10 dB which is far below the standards for safety established by FCC for USA and CE for Europe (40-60 dB). Safety and absence of harmful electromagnetic fields is confirmed by EMF tests in Korean registered Laboratory.

In general, our mats are the safest in the market and they are comparable to Richway Biomatts in the EMF levels and interception functions. 

Some hot stone mats in the market (mainly made in China) usually do not have the active EMI system and grounding features and use much cheaper and unstable heating elements.

But if you are EMF sensitive, you should be aware that some parts of all brands of FIR mats are difficult to shield and they emit relatively higher levels. 

These parts are generally the plugs, the wires, the connection terminal, the bimetal switches and the controllers which on full power ( when the mat is heating up, not when it is hot ) can emit up to 4-8 mG.

The bimetal switches are assembled into the emergency safety system activated if the mat’s main safety system fails and it overheats to 170 F. When that happens, the bimetal extension simply cuts electric wires. We use less emission ceramic switches (less than 2-3 mG) and position them near the edges of the mats.

Ereada® Pro / Single / MidSize controllers on full power emit up to 8mG and the Mini mat controllers emit up to 3-4mG. 

Though it is still considered to be on the safe level, for sleeping it is better to put the controller away from your head (same as you should do with the phone charger, desk lamp or any other electrical devices).

Also, it is better to use the amethyst pillow (or at least the standard one) to avoid the occasional contacts between your head and the power connection terminal.

Or you can sleep with your feet towards the connection terminal which is situated near the logo on the top of the mat.

Really the electric heating system works only during 10-20% of mat session time as it stops when the mat reaches set temperature and resumes only after the temperature drops. You can also completely eliminate exposure to any EMFs just by preheating your mat to max temperature and turning it off before the session. Hot crystals accumulate the warmth and will emit Infrared Rays and Negative Ions without electric power.

Are Ereada® mats protected from overheating?

Ereada® mats have two safety systems to avoid overheating.

1. First one is the thermostat type built-into controller chip with the standard thermo sensors. There are 3-8 pieces in the mat depending on size. 

These sensors measure temperature of the mat in different spots and report to the controller. 

If controller detects overheating, it shuts-off heating system. 

The same sensors and thermostat controller system are also used for maintaining the set temperature. 

When the mat heats up to the set temperature, the system stops heating.  And when the mat cools down approximately 5 degrees below the set level, it resumes.

2. The second safety system (emergency system) consists of bimetal sensors / auto shut-off switches. 

There are 2-6 bimetal strips in the mat. They are bridged. These strips are used to convert the temperature change into mechanical displacement. 

The strip consists of two strips of different metals which expand at different rates as they are heated. 

The different expansions force the flat strip to bend one way if heated, and in the opposite direction if cooled below its initial temperature. 

The metal with the higher coefficient of thermal expansion is on the outer side of the curve when the strip is heated and on the inner side when cooled. 

These bimetal strips function as the power switches connecting or disconnecting electrical wires. They are fixed into the EMF free heating cables inside the mat so that electricity is going through them. 

The set point is around 74-77 C (165-170F). If the mat controller thermostat function fails and the temperature of the mat raises higher than the maximum temperature level of 158 F, the higher temperature will open a contact, and the heating cables are cut thus preventing the electricity flow. 

When the mat’s temperature goes down the metal strips cool down as well and close the contacts.

If overheating takes place occasionally (for example if you put an amethyst pillow on the mat’s heating surface in the area where there are no temperature sensors) bimetal sensors will do the standard shut-off, and, after cooling down, the mat will resume to work properly. 

But if the temperature sensors fail or controller chip does not work properly, bimetals will auto shut-off and the mat will not be working after this.

There are several such bimetal sensors in the mat and each one will shut-off heating system in case of overheat. 

Can I use my mat with the 220-240 volts?

We have a lot of customers successfully using our products in Europe, UK, Israel, Russia, HK, Korea and even Australia with 220-250v/50hz.

Since 2019 we have special models for 220-250V voltage countries. When you order the mat, you have a choice. Please make sure you select the correct one. There are two options 110-120V or 220-240V.

But if you want to travel to Europe with your 110-120V, you HAVE to use the special step down power transformers and converter devices from  220-240v to 110-120v. 

Similar to this one (we are not affiliated with that manufacturer and do not warranty it any manner that these transformers are good, it is just a sample, not a recommendation)  https://www.amazon.co.uk/240v-120v-Step-Down-Transformer/dp/B000NIYH94   

Remember, please, that the power of the converter should be at least twice the mat power consumption. A simple adapter will not work.

Would an adapter be enough to use the mat in UK/Europe?

In the past Ereada® mats were made only for 110-120V U.S. and Japanese power sockets with 2 flat plugs.

You have to use your mat only with a step down converter if your country power is different, not just an adapter. 

For the U.K., Europe, Russia, South America, China, and other Asian countries we have a special 220-250V model line. Please make sure you select the correct voltage product while checkout.

What is the wattage of the mats?

The wattage is 100-120w for mini mats 50x80 cm, 200-250w for midsize mats 60x150cm., 250-300w for the Professional size mats 72x186cm and Single Size mats 100x190 cm and around 600w for Queen mats.

What is the length of the electrical cord?

The length of the electrical cord is around 10 ft including the length of the cable from the mat to the controller and from the controller to the plug.

Can I use an extension cord with the Ereada® mat?

You can buy long extension cords in any store or online just note that it should not be thinner than the cable of your controller. Heavy duty extension cord with built-in surge protector is recommended.

What is the amount of volts/watts/amps used? What are the costs to use Ereada® mat per hour?

Our mats are built for the U.S. power outlets 110-120V / 60Hz or for European and the rest of the worlds 220-250V / 50Hz sockets. Make sure you select the right voltage. 120V and 220V products are entirely different. Each of them will not work with another voltage.

On the highest heat our Mini mats 20”x32” consume around up to 80-100W, Compact Pro mats use 180-200W and Professional and Single mats use up to 250-300W. 

As of 2017 average cost per 1000W/hr in USA = $0.13. It means if you use your Professional amethyst mat for one hour every day on the highest heat level you get 30 x 1 hr x 250W = 7500W.

This means it would cost you less then $1 per month.

If you use the Professional mat daily in your clinic for 10 hours per day, it will cost you maximum $10 per month.

All numbers are approximate as the mats do not heat all the time, they turn ON and OFF to maintain set temperature, so the mats do not use the full power all the time.

If you sleep on the mat on the lowest level, it may be heating only several minutes per hour. 

Are Ereada® mats grounded?

Yes, all Korean mats are grounded, they have a special net of wires in the charcoal layer to catch e-waves and forward them to the ground or neutral pin of the wall socket. 

It is not so important for modern EMF free heating system but it is preferable to have some contact with the earth when you lie on the mat. We lack this contact with Earth due to wearing rubber boots or sneakers. The mat provides grounding.

Why controllers of Ereada® mats do not have a metal sensor to remove EMFs?

Some made in China pads have controllers with such sensors. But the only “EMFs” you can take away by touching this metal sensor are the static electrical charges which are not dangerous. 

Ereada® Controllers are equipped with active AUTO EMF elimination system catching them by special electromagnetic interception layers in the mat and directing them to the ground plug of wall socket. It works like a real Lighting Rod.

The majority of “made in China” mats are not even grounded. 

Warranty, Trial period and Trade-In 

What kind of warranty do you have?

If something happens with your mat or controller, we will provide you with a replacement as soon as possible. The mats are covered with our 1 year warranty, and even after expiration – you can ask us to fix it, and we will take care of any repairs at minimum cost.

For the warranty period we cover any issue with the mat, unless this issue is caused by misuse. Defects are very rare but if any issue happens, we will take care of it for free.

Unlike any of our competitors we don’t charge restocking fees or shipping fees for warranty issues.

You can also buy an extended warranty for 5 years for home use only. It costs 50% of the retail price. Email us at ereada@ereada.com if interested.

What is the trial period when I can return the mat for a full refund?

The products are covered with easy refund policy, usually we refund you the full purchase price but you will be responsible for the return shipping.

Return window is 30 days since your order delivery date. You may be charged for 15% restocking fee to cover our shipping costs to you and return processing (we must replace some disposable parts as covers, etc). Also it will be your responsibility to insure and properly ship the mat to us.

If you got a wrong or defective item, we will not charge restocking fees and will cover return shipping as well. We also provide one year warranty from the date of purchase.

This policy does not apply to customized mats, refurbished mats or mats shipped abroad. 

What is the life time trade-in option?

Yes, you can trade-in your old mat for a huge discount on a new model of the same mat or bigger one if it’s in good shape and operational condition. Just email us at ereada@ereada.com 

Is warranty valid if I purchase Ereada® mat on Amazon or eBay?

Of course, the same warranty will be valid if you buy your mat on Amazon.

If you buy an open box or pre-owned refurbished by us mat on eBay directly from Ereada® Corp, it will be covered with 1 year warranty for repairing or replacement for the same condition mat.

If you buy it from another seller, it will not be covered at all and may be an imitation or an illegal unit of criminal origin.

What is the difference of Ereada® mats PEMF and Bemer mat and other expensive devices in the market?

There are many dedicated PEMF devices in the market with different Magnetic Fields intensity from 0.1 to 2000 gauss, frequencies from 1 to 100 Hz and different shape of the wave (square, tooth, sine) and alternating speed. 

Some of these products allow adjustment of these parameters for different conditions or claim to have special programs with different waves consequences. These devices may cost up to $20,000 per unit.

Hyundai Co manufacturing Ereada® mats believes that the basic pure sine wave, studied by NASA and similar to Earth natural magnetic field, with 100-400 gauss intensity and 8-64 Hz frequency (9 levels adjustable), works the best. 

Can you use a Mat?

Can I use the mat if I have an organ transplant?

The recipients of any type of organ transplant should not use FIR or PEMF mats. 

Can babies and children use the mat?

Newborns and infants should not use the heat or PEMF. Children may use the mat with caution only with doctor’s consent and under supervision of adults on low heat modes or Negative Ions only.

Can pregnant women use the mat?

Pregnant women should not use the FIR mat in heating mode. You should consult the physician before use. You can use the mat for negative ions only.

Can I use the mat if I have a pacemaker/defibrillator device?

PEMF mats may have some interactions with pacemakers. FIR mats heat the body inside. Both should not be used by the patients with pacemakers unless directed by the cardiologist; however, they can use the mat for negative ions only (non-heating mode).

Can I use the mat if I have diabetes?

Diabetic patients may use the FIR heat but with extra care.

Supervision and doctor's advice in the beginning will be obligatory to find the mode which will work the best and then strictly follow the heat level, length and frequency of procedures.

Can I use the mat if I have silicone implants?

Silicon implants may be warmed by infrared rays. So, some safety precautions should be taken if you lay with implants in direct contact with the mat.

However, silicon used in medical implants is known to melt at over 200°C (392°F), so it should not be adversely affected by infrared rays. It is advised that you consult your surgeon and possibly a representative from the implant manufacturer to be certain before use.

Can I use a mat if I have titanium staples?

Metal pins, rods, artificial joints or any other surgical implants generally reflect Far infrared waves and thus are not heated by this system, nevertheless you should consult your surgeon prior to using FIR heat.

We have many customers with Titanium implants (personally, I have several rods in my hand and knee) and have not received any negative feedback yet.

But of course, the usage of an Infrared mat must be discontinued if you experience pain near any such implants.

I use transdermal medication, can I use the heating amethyst mat?

If you use the transdermal patches you should definitely consult your doctor. The absorption rate of a transdermal medication can change. If you use the adhesive, it may unglue from your skin due to sweating.

Is the mat safe for pets?

Old dogs and cats adore mats and love to be on them, just make sure that your pet does not scrap or bite it or damage in any other way. We usually recommend non-powered, non-electric amethyst or Gemstone mats for pets.

Our pets feel great, become more active and eat better after sessions

Can I use Ereada® mat on high heat?

If you need to get high heat, you may choose to cover your body with another mat or any blanket keeping your head uncovered and out of the heating area.

We know that some customers reported that reversing hypothermia and returning body temperature to it's normal condition makes life quality better and supports more active lifestyle.


Are the amethyst stones only in the two lines along the mat?

No, the crystals are under the entire surface of the mat but on Brown Ereada® mats they are only visible through two transparent lines.

Is it real amethyst? If so, why is it not very expensive?

All our mats are built only with 100% natural A+ not chemically treated, not painted, not irradiated Purple amethyst from Korea and South America.

Amethyst price significantly dropped after the new mines in South America were discovered but in the ancient times it was one of the most precious stones and one of the five main gems, together with true ruby, diamond, emerald and sapphire.

Later, during 20th century the prices for amethyst crystals dropped again because big mines were discovered in Brazil and Uruguay. The crystal which was one of the most valuable gemstones before is now considered semi-precious.

One pound of A+ amethyst is priced around $15-20 by wholesale traders now. We purchase thousands of pounds crystals every month and we have access to the best prices which we pass on to our customers.

It maybe a profitable business to buy some of the non-powered discounted mats just for crystals mining.🙂

Our Professional mat with 24 pounds of crystals is priced at $990 which is very reasonable. The same size unpowered or defective mat can be purchased from us for $200-300 only.

Amethysts coming from South America or local sources to our manufacturing facilities of Hyundai Medical pass strict control with double testing in Hanmi Gemological Institute of Korea and CHA Gemological Laboratory with U.S. attested expert

Are Ereada® mats built only with amethyst and not with tourmaline?

Amethyst is the only stone which you can find in the Gray, Brown, and Purple Ereada® mats.

But we also have one more collection with 4 natural gems and 4 types of tourmaline ceramic microspheres especially to increase ion production - Ereada® Gemstone mats.

If you are interested in tourmaline, Ereada® Gemstone mats will work fine. Each second tube is a blend of 4 tourmaline Ceramic balls for increased negative ion generation.

What is the difference between healing powers of garnet, agates, jade, tourmaline and amethyst?

Jade, agate, chalcedony, jasper, amethyst used in Ereada® Gemstone mats are all 100% natural semi-precious stones. They have similar properties and features but with some differences.

Please, check our catalog for this information. Some folks have different gemstones preferences.

Amethyst is considered the most powerful stone because when preheated it emits rays in the range from 5 to 14 microns with the most part of emitted energy concentrated at 2 peaks at 7 and 12 microns wavelength.

Even in Gemstone mats the share of amethyst in the crystals blend is around 50%.

What is ceramic tourmaline?

Both ceramic and natural tourmaline are pyroelectric and piezoelectric, generating negative ions upon heating or pressure.

Tourmaline ceramic micro spheres are the best for negative ion because they are baked with gold ore, volcanic rocks, yellow clay, ochre, elvan and other minerals to enrich anion emission to the level of 700-1500 ions.

What is the difference between different color ceramic balls used in Ereada® Gemstone mat?

There is some difference between types of ceramic microspheres used in Ereada®  Gemstone mats in FIR heat spectrum and positive effects produced by different compositions.

The spheres are pressed from micronized tourmaline, germanium, white clay or charcoal nano-powders, volcanic stones, yellow mud, ophiolite, elvan, gold ore, ochre and other natural minerals, ores and stones and baked at high temperatures up to 1300°C to remove all impurities and to enrich anion emission to the level of 700-1500 ions.

All of ceramic balls emit FIR heat in wider range 4-20 microns and produce a plenty of Negative Ions. 

Spheric shape provides bigger surface and, therefore, it is more efficient than natural stones for ions production.


Where do the FIR rays come from?

It is natural unique feature of amethyst, jade, tourmaline and many other crystals and stones to emit FIR radiant heating rays when they are hot.

You may check the following brochure about Negative Ions and FIR rays composed from the studies of Japanese scientists:

FIR Rays and Negative Ions

How would I obtain the optional NP / PEMF/ VLF and Photon Red Light options?

PEMF / VLF and Photon Red Lights functions are factory installed on the Purple Ereada® amethyst mats.

Ereada Gemstone mats bigger than mini are also featured with PEMF / VLF.

Brown amethyst mats bigger than mini all have N.P. Some of Mini mats also have N.P.

These functions cannot be installed into the model where they are not available.

You need to order another mat if you need these functions.

But Classic Brown Ereada® FIR amethyst mats (Hot crystal, Far InfraRed and Negative Ion mats without additional functions) may be more comfortable and durable for standard Ionization and FIR heat.

These mats are covered by soft eco-suede and may also be more comfortable if you use the mat without the cover.

Do you know how many watts is the FIR emission and what microns is the infrared wavelength emitted by your mats?

For amethyst mats it is 3.66 x 102 W/m2 with min 93% efficiency in the wavelength range 5-14 microns; with almost 80% of this energy transferred at two so called “amethyst Peaks” at 7 and 12 microns.

For gemstone mats it is 3.72 x 102 W/m2 with min 92% efficiency in the wavelength range 4-20 microns; with around 50% of heating energy transferred at two amethyst Peaks at 7 and 12 microns.

What is the wavelength of Photon function?

Photon Red Light wavelength is 660 nm

There is some more info in the linked study. 

Does the mat produce negative ions when it is not plugged in?

All mats naturally produce negative ions by amethyst, tourmaline and other stones as well as by special anion layers inside the mat. 

The crystals and negative ion layers can create up to 500-1500 ions per cc of air upon heat distortion coming from the mat heating system or even using your body warmth when you lie on unpowered mat.

If there is nobody on the mat, it may emit 200-300 ions per cc.

My Mat does not have negative Ion button. Does the mat generate ions?

Even if the mat does not have a dedicated button for Negative Ions, the crystals and negative ion layers can create up to 2500 ions per cc or air upon heat distortion coming from the mat heating system or even using your body warmth when you lie on an unpowered mat.

If your mat has a NEGATIVE ION or N.P. button, it means that the function activating electrical discharge of negative ions (E.D.N.I.) through the silver fiber layer in your mat is installed.

Each time you press the button it activates function for 1 hour (30 minutes for Mini mats). The indicator lights up when the function is activated and goes off when the time has elapsed.

What does N.P. mean?

If your Brown Amethyst mat has a Negative Ion or N.P. button, it means that the function activating electrical discharge of negative ions (E.D.N.I.) through the silver fiber layer in your mat is installed. It converts your mat into the bath of ions and surrounds it with Negatively Charged -600V High Potential electro static field where you can sink your whole body.

Does the mat produce FIR rays when not plugged in?

When the mat is unplugged, the crystals use the heat of your own body to generate FIR rays. 

The body heats up the crystals and when warm they emit rays in so called “crystal” wavelengths between 4 and 15 nm. 

Of course, the more warmth crystal receive, the more they release. 

How many PEMF coils are there in Ereada® mats? What is the intensity and frequency?

Ereada® PEMF is more powerful than that of other mats. It is necessary to have similar to natural Earth magnetic 100-200 milli gauss field several inches above the mattress because the intensity goes down with distance. 

Our PEMF coils have higher intensity: 100-400 gauss and 8 to 64 hz adjustable frequency. Other brands of mats with crystals are less powerful and the crystals absorb all the magnetism.

There are 3 PEMF Coils in the upper body part of the Purple, Gray and Gemstone Ereada® Midsize mats. Professional mats feature 4 PEMF Coils. Single ones have 5 coils. Purple and Gemstone mats are built with 12 static powerful 300 gauss magnets in the lower body part. 

Gemstone mini mats do now have PEMF but feature 12 pcs static magnets throughout all the surface.

The newest Purple and Gray Mini mats since December 2019 feature 2 PEMF coils. Gray Mini mats PEMF is adjustable from 8 to 64 Hz with a step of 8 Hz (8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64 Hz), the same on the larger mats. The ninth level is the randomly mixed frequencies changing each other every couple seconds.

The Purple Mini Mat Pulsed Electromagnetic Waves (PEMF) are not adjustable. Their frequency is fixed on 50 Hz.

How is PEMF function activated?

PEMF is activated by PEMF button for 20 minutes each 2 hours, so during 8 hours you have 4 cycles of 20 minutes each.

If you would like to use PEMF continuously (30-60 minutes), you need to manually reactivate PEMF function pressing the appropriate button each 20 minutes when it stops.

But it is not recommended to use PEMF continuously for more than 30 minutes during use of heating function at higher than 2nd or 3rd level.

What are the lifestyle benefits of PEMF?

Pulsed magnetism has many benefits.

You can find out more info about PEMF in the PUBMED search results    

What functions do different types of Ereada® mats have?

Purple Ereada® Amethyst mats: FIR heat, hot stone, air ions, adjustable PEMF (except mini which has only one 50 Hz frequency), static magnets, Photon Red Light, negative ions

Brown Ereada® Amethyst mats: FIR heat, hot stone, negative ions, NP (negative potential)

Grey Ereada® Amethyst mats: FIR hear, hot stone, air ions, adjustable PEMF

Gemstone Ereada® mats: FIR heat, hot stone, PEMF (except mini), static magnets, NP (mini), air ions (bigger than mini), more negative ions

What is the difference between NP (Negative Potential) of Ereada® Brown mats and Air Ion function of Ereada® Gemstone and Purple mats?

All Ereada® mats generate negative ions upon heating or utilizing your own body heat and produce ions by the anion layers inside the mat.

If you push the "Negative Ion” button on the Gemstone or Purple Ereada® mat, controller starts to use pulse and oscillating electrical equipment to make low voltage rise to negative DC high voltage then use sophisticated HVDC (High-voltage direct current) to generate high corona, and then release large numbers of electrons.

While electrons cannot exist for a long time in the air, they would be immediately captured in the air of oxygen molecule (O2), forming a negative ion.

This working principle is the same as of natural "thunder and lightning" phenomena producing negative ions. 

If you push "Negative Potential” (NP) or "Negative Ion" button on the Brown Ereada® mat controller, it works in the similar way converting DC high voltage into the silver fiber glass layer inside the mat which is generating high potential negative charged electrostatic field with negative ions to infiltrate tissues.

You can sink your whole body in this ion “bathtub”.

N.P. is the same as E.D.N.I. (electrical discharge of negative ions) functions releasing ions through mat layers. They are available only on the mats of Korean origin like Ereada® or Rich Way.

Does the negative ions function turn off after 1 hour? Is there a way to keep it on all night?

Negative Ions are always generated when any Ereada® mat is ON or even when you lay on an unpowered mat (its crystals and anion layers generate ions upon heat distortion caused by your body’s heat and pressure).

N.P. (Negative Potential) function turns OFF after 1 hour on large Brown Classic Amethyst Ereada mats or after half an hour on the Brown or Gemstone mini mats with this function. You can manually activate it again after 1 hour but really 30-60 minutes is ussually enough to feel relaxed and fall asleep.

Mini mats with N.P. are better to be on the low heat levels while N.P. is activated. Their controllers may become warm which is OK, but if the controller is too hot, decrease the temperature or temporarily turn OFF N.P. function.

What is the function of bimetal switches?

Bimetal switches consist of two strips of different metals or ceramics which expand at different rates as they are heated.

The different expansions force the flat strip to bend one way if heated, and in the opposite direction if cooled below its initial temperature.

The metal with the higher coefficient of thermal expansion is on the outer side of the curve when the strip is heated and on the inner side when cooled.

These bimetal strips function as the power switches connecting or disconnecting electrical wires.

The bimetal switches are assembled into the emergency safety system activated if the mat main safety system fails and it overheats to 170F.

The bimetal extension simply cuts electric wires if an overheat occurs.

Ereada® mats feature low EMF emission ceramic switches (less then 2-3 mG) positioned near the edges of the mats to minimize the contact between body and their locations.

Temperature and Timer

What is the temperature that Ereada® heating pad works at? Is it adjustable?

Brown, Grey and Gemstone Ereada® mini mats are adjustable either with 1°C (standard models) or 5°C (models with N.P.) increment from 30°C (86F) to 70°C (158F).

Purple mini mats as well as Compact Pro 24 by 59 inch and larger professional heavy duty use models of Classic Brown Amethyst mats, Purple & Gray Amethyst mats and Gemstone mats have 7 levels of heat in the same range from 30°C (86F) to 70°C (158F).

How long does it take the mat to heat up?

If the Amethyst or Gemstone mat is covered with Ereada® 3-D Protector and a thick blanket or if a person lays on the heating mat, it starts to heat immediately and gets to the highest temperature in about 40-60 minutes.

If the mat is uncovered and ambient temperature is low and the air flow is high, it may take the mat 1-2 hours to reach the maximum possible level but it may never heat up to the same level as if it was covered.

You should entirely cover your mat's surface with crystals to trap the heat, or it will dissipate and escape into the air. Lie on the mat and your body will press the crystals against the internal heating elements layer. Otherwise your mat may not reach its max temperature of 70°C.

If you cover the mat partially, it could disrupt the heat sensors and cause controller malfunction. Make sure that the mat's heating surface with crystals is covered completely.

What temperature should I set when I am just starting to use my mat?

There is a general guidance in our user guide but the time and temperature are for you to choose as you familiarize yourself with the mat.

Simply take note of how you feel at different temperature settings and use this knowledge to adjust temperature for your next session.

In general for pleasure people use amethyst mats from one hour on high temperature to 12 hours on warm temperature daily.

Other people prefer to use the mat each other day or even 1-2 times per week.

It is an enjoyable process and you can set the temperature according to your comfort.

Levels 1-3 warm temperature (36°C - 43°C or 98°F-110°F) is enough to get benefits.

You can ask your practitioner or doctor about your individual conditions or try and see yourself what kind of sessions gives you the most benefits.

Usually customers start with the lowest or medium temperature levels 1-3 and  short sessions of 20 - 30 minutes to see the reaction and then gradually increase the temperature and the length of the sessions over time and according to comfort.

Of course, if you are experienced FIR sauna user, you can start with the maximum temperature level or even use two mats (sandwiched procedures) but we always recommend to check with your doctor first.

Make sure you drink a lot of water and electrolytes before, during and after your sessions to avoid dry mouth feeling. 

What are the heating levels shown on the controller of my professional mat?

Ereada® Mats bigger than Mini mat  (and Purple Mini Mat) have 7 levels of heat on the controller. Brown and Gemstone Mini mats have an adjustable controller showing 30°C to 70°C temperature)

Level 1 is 86°F or 30°C ( used for Negative Ions and Potential, all night sleep low heat mode )

Level 2 is 98°F or 36°C ( Low mode )

Level 3 is 110°F or 43°C ( Low medium mode )

Level 4 is 120°F or 49°C ( Medium mode )

Level 5 is 133°F or 56°C ( Medium High mode )

Level 6 is 145°F or 63°C ( High mode )

Level 7 is 158°F or 70°C ( Highest mode ) 

What temperature level do you recommend for all night sleeping?

In general, you should choose a comfortable for you temperature.

Many customers use level 1-2 or maybe 3 in winter but within your body’s comfort zone 30-45°C or 86°F-112°F

There are no limits to the duration of use but if you are making first steps with the mat and would like to try sleeping on it, you can use a slightly warm comfortable temperature of levels 2-3 (36°C - 43°C or 98°F-110°F) and not to use a temperature that is too hot.

Make sure you cover your mat with a thick protector and extra layers of towels or sheets to make it more comfortable and eliminate stones pressure, you may remove these layers one-by-one as soon as your body gets used to crystals.

The general rule is higher temperatures for shorter periods of time and lower temperatures for extended use.

Do not forget to drink a lot of water, juices or herbal teas to avoid symptoms of dehydration.

Is there an automatic shut-off timer on Ereada® mats?

Our  bigger mat controllers usually have three time settings 4, 8 or 12 hours. 

Brown and Gemstone mini mats controllers have 1 or 8 hours time settings.

The mats will not start to heat until you activate the timer setting.

Mini mats with NP, Grey and Purple mini mats do not have timer buttons and indicators but they are designed to auto shut-off after 8 or 13 hours.

If you need to turn it off just press “power off” button after desired time period.

You can also connect your Ereada® mat into a simple plug-in socket timer.

How can I tell if the timer’s set time has elapsed?

Ereada mats are professional grade high quality product and the controllers are some kind of industrial grade. They do not show remaining time and current or set temperature. Only heating level is displayed on the controller screen.

Only the mini mat controllers show both the set temperature and the current one.

When the timer indicator goes off, it means that the time elapsed.

But really you can buy an additional digital plug-in timer and connect mat controller to the socket through it. It will help you to control time better and be double safe if you use your mat at night.

Using your Mat

Do I need to drink water when using the mat?

You can deplete body reserves of one or more minerals and electrolytes, especially, if you are using the FIR mat heavily.

If your nutrition is complete and you hydrate yourself properly while you are on the mat, you’re not likely to create a mineral or electrolyte deficiency through recreational procedures on low or middle levels a few times a week.

Of coarse, if you use the mat on high levels and sweat a lot, do not forget that the mineral water is necessary to replenish electrolytes.

Drink a lot before the session, after and if necessary while you are on the mat.

By the way hot herbal teas may be better than cold drinks if sweating is your target.

Is it necessary to protect scrotum, genitalia, testicles area while on FiR mat?

Can I put my head on the mat?

The most important is that the head is not on the heated area when the mat is hot.

It should be on the pillow (better to choose our special amethyst pillow or at least keep your head on the lot heated area of the mat).

Putting your head on the mat may be great for photon function, but it is important NOT to look directly at any bright light. 

What is the little plastic container that has a metal bead in it?

This small clear plastic vial with a tiny little metal bead is a PEMF tester, a device for testing PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) function. 

It may be included into the sets of Grey. Purple or Gemstone mats with PEMF.

We cannot feel PEMF when it is ON but if the vial is directly on the part of the mat where the PEMF coil is located and the metal bead moves, it means that PEMF works fine.

Please, check this video:


In the new models there is an indicator with flashing / running lights showing the frequency of PEMF function and the PEMF tester may not be included into the set.

How often can Ereada® mat be used and for how long?

You can use your mat as long as you like.

You can use it anytime you feel it comfortable. It may be a few times a week for 30 minutes and up, to 12 hours daily.

If you want a high sweating sauna effect, choose the maximum temperature suitable for you and cover your body with a blanket or another mat.

If you just want comfort, set the medium heat levels not higher than 3-4 of 7 ( 43-49°C or 110°F-120°F).

The mat is too hard. What do I do?

Amethyst crystals make our mats stiff and hard.

It is not an obstacles for short term sessions but may cause some painful feeling if overused. 

If you would like to lie on the mat for a longer period of time or even sleep on your mat, it could be great to do it slowly adapting your body to crystals pressure.

So, the first rule is to start with shorter procedures and move forward slowly. 

No need to overstimulate your body from the very beginning. Instead, increase the intensity of pressure continuously.

It demands step-by-step increase of the time you lay or sleep on the mat starting from half an hour and adding 5-10 minutes every other day, for example. If you feel pain, it means that you should decrease the time you spend on the mat. 

You can use Ereada® Pad for additional comfort. And to make your mat “softer", we recommend to put several layers of the cotton or bamboo sheets or towels or a special washable waterproof protective cover (also included into the set of Ereada® mat) on top of your Pad, especially if you use the mat for high heat procedures that make you sweat. 

Be sure to cover the whole mat, if you cover it only partially there may be a disruption ion thermo sensors functioning. Different sensors may report different temperatures to the controller and it may demand calibration.

Anyhow the most useful part of Far Infrared Radiant crystal Heat will travel through the Ereada® Pad and the natural materials (cotton, bamboo, wool) topper as well as negative ions and you will have more comfort lying on the mat.  

Later when your body gets used to the mat and crystals pressure, you can take away the extra layers one by one.

Can I cover the mat? Will the heating rays and ions go through?

Of course you can cover it.

Be sure to cover the whole mat, if you cover it only partially there may be a disruption of the  thermo sensors functioning. Different sensors may report different temperatures to the controller and it may demand calibration.

FIR rays, !!!!ads, towels or sheets made from natural materials such as cotton or bamboo.

Of course, some part of heat will dissipate if the layer is too thick but you can adjust heating to higher level to compensate for the loss. 

If you would like to use the Purple Ereada® mat for Red Light, better to use it without covers.

Can I use Ereada® mats on the memory foam mattress or on the hardwood flooring?

Our mats have reflective layers directing heat upwards but anyhow the bottom of the mat can heat up.

We recommend to put a towel under your mat if you use it on the bed, mattress or on the hardwood floor to protect the surface underneath.

How to use the mat in summer?

Traditional use of crystals in Asia was to cool you down in summer and heat in winter. The mats can do the same.

Just do not activate heat settings in summer and you will feel great.

The mat will absorb excessive heat from overheated parts of your body and redistribute it as FIR rays to those areas of your body which need more warmth.

How to clean my Ereada® mat?

To clean it, use a slightly wet cloth and do not wash the mat or the controller.

Clean the mat only when the power is off and the controller is unplugged from the socket. 

You will not have to clean your mat at all if you use the mat covered with our 3-D Air Mesh Pad Protector or use Ereada® Waterproof Cover or at least a cotton or bamboo towel all the time.

You may leave it on high heat for 1 hour each week to completely self-clean and disinfect. 

Can I sleep on the mat?

Unlike some 30-60-90 minute pads, Ereada® mats are designed for any time up to 12 hours of uninterrupted usage.

You can sleep on the mat all night long on the lower heat levels in winter or on negative ion mode in summer.

I am a Reiki healer and certified massage professional. What is the best starting introduction session for my clients so they get an immediate benefit?

30 minutes of high heat levels 5-7 for your patient with good health is the best starting point.

It would be great to combine the first session with PEMF (if you use Grey, Purple or Gemstone Ereada® mat) or Negative Potential (if you use Brown Ereada® amethyst mat). 

Half an hour is usually enough to enjoy the mat. Make sure to preheat the mat with a blanket on top of it in advance. It may take an hour for the mat to heat up to the maximum level.

But for elderly it could be better to start with longer 1 to 2 hours of medium heat on levels 3-5 with 2 cycles of PEMF or N.P. to get all benefits for the body. 

Can I put a pillow case over Ereada® pillow without blocking the effects?

To eliminate the crystals’ pressure,  the standard white pillow case made of cotton (or several of them) can be put on the pillow.

It will not block Ions and FIR crystal rays.

Our pillows are unpowered with amethyst crushed and tumbled crystals. 

Same as the amethyst unpowered mat, they can absorb excessive heat from your body and redistribute it in the form of Infrared Rays to those areas of your head and neck which need more warmth.


The mat is not hot when I touch it on high heat, is something wrong?

The mat should not be hot to touch unless you cover it with a thick blanket. amethyst stones radiate heat and the surface remains warm, so it is normal for someone not to be able to feel the heat just buy touching the surface.

When you lay on the mat all the heating energy will be caught by your body and you will start feeing it.

Please, check our special blog article about this subject and rest assured that all mats are factory tested to reach maximum temperature.


My controller warms up when I heat up my Mini Gemstone mat. Is that OK?

It is OK for the controller to warm up when the mat is heating and N.P. function is activated.

We recommended to use N.P. function of mini mats only on low heat settings or without heat at all.

If you would like to use both N.P. and FIR you can also do it consequently.

Start with N.P. 30 minutes procedure and after this switch your mat into heating up mode.

I don't feel any pulsation or vibration when PEMF function is on, should I?

No, you will not feel any vibration or pulsation when PEMF is on.

We cannot feel magnetism and magnetic fields but you may be sure that it works if the PEMF flashing indicators.

Our PEMF technology is based on the many years experiences in Asia. We use 2 controllers, one with 8 variable frequencies starting of 7.8 Hz, 100 gauss intensity, and going up to 60 hz 400 gauss.

All frequencies are of a pulsed pure sinusoidal waveform.

Intensity is measured directly on the copper coil and when it goes through the crystals it flayer 

These settings simulate the Earth’s magnetic field, which is compatible with our biorhythms.

When you press the PEMF button, it is activated for 20 minutes and then shuts off for 100 minutes. This 2 hours cycle repeats 3 times. The PEMF can always be turned OFF and then ON to manually stop to restart the cycle.

I bought a Rich Way mini mat 3 years ago and it started to leak amethysts. How do you resolve this issue?

I think you have an old model of bio-mat with PVC window. 

As far as I know now Rich way uses heat resistant PU film for this line and they took a part of this technology from our manufacturer Hyundai Medical.

Ereada® Brown mats have two lines showing crystals.They are not stitched like competitor’s but ultrasonic bonded to be on the mat forever.

This special clear film PU material is heat and sweat resistant and will never deteriorate even if you heat it up to 100 °C or treat with chemicals. 

The tubes with amethyst crystals are made of luxury artificial suede, very soft to touch, yet very durable. 

It is a great feeling to  get rid of toxins sweeting on mat but mostly they penetrate and soak into the mat. 

Rich Brown and Grey Suede fabrics are unique. They are soft to touch, heat resistant and very stable against aggressive sweat coming out of the body. 

Purple and Gemstone mats fix crystals with a heat resistant mesh fabric. It is also durable unless you put some sharp object on the mat. 

And of course all our mats' sets include waterproof but breathable covers and protectors to cushion the mat by 3-dimensional air mesh layer and protect it form sweat and leaks with TPU membrane similar to those which are used for alpine ski suites.

Ereada® protectors are one way permeable for FIR crystal rays, ions, magnetic field and all other healing energies coming from the mat but they block sweat, liquids and smells coming from the body, so that the mat is clean.

Looks like my mat triggers some of GFI protected sockets. Is it normal?

There is an auto grounding EMF elimination function on the Ereada®  mats. 

The mats have a special layer with charcoal fiber and wires inside to absorb electric waves and transfer them through a special chip in the controller into the grounding plug of the wall socket. 

This function may have some influence on the GFI protection sockets which can mistake the electric currents in the ground wire for the indications of the short circuits between the phase and the ground plugs and then automatically activate breakers. 

The protection relay of GFI circuit could be installed to detect currents as low as 5 mA, which would open the circuit breaker at a significantly lower level, hence, much quicker than the traditional circuit breaker.

That is why the mat that works fine in the standard grounded wall socket can not be used in some GFI protected sockets. 

We tested the mats on different GFI protected sockets and found out that the possibility that the mat will trigger the GFI protection relay depends on the brand and sensitivity of the relay.

For example, the GFI receptacles with red and black reset buttons work fine with the mat while white ones are usually triggered. 

I put the temperature to 70C on my mini mat and it switches to 25C almost immediately. What's wrong?

The first number you see when you turn the dial is the desired temperature. In a second you see another number – it’s the current temperature of the surface. 

If you continue to rotate the dial, you will see the desired temperature again. 

When you stop to rotate and set it the controller display with show current temperature again.

It will slowly go up while the mat is heating.

The end bottom tubes with crystals and one-two inches on the left and right sides seem cooler. Is my mat defective?

All Ereada® amethyst heating mats and pads use the same very safe double silicon and teflon insulated Titanium heating wires positioned under several layers.

For extra electrical safety the heating wires are positioned in a little distance from the mat’s edges.

So, the end tubes with crystals are heated indirectly by other stones.

Longer the mat heats up warmer the end tubes and mat’s edges will be.

That is why initially you might feel like not all stones are equally hot. It is totally normal and has absolutely no effect on functionality. 

Why the temperature of the mat surface is so low and changes so much?

If you keep your mat open without protector pad on it, the heat is radiated and dissipates in the air.

Always cover it with protector or thick blanket while preheating. 

When you cover the mat, always cover the entire surface. Partial coverage can make the heat sensors malfunction. It can disrupt controller thermostat function and temperature calibration. 

Due to its multi-layered construction, it takes up to an hour for the COVERED mat to reach its highest temperatures. As soon as you cover the mat to trap the heat, the temperature becomes more stable.

If the temperature does not reach the maximum level lie down on your amethyst mat. Your body will press the top crystals against the internal heat layer, and the mat will reach its max temperature of 70°C.

When pre-heated the crystals radiate heat very quickly.

Cover it with a pillow and measure the temperature beneath in 10 minutes and you will be surprised by the difference.

What should I do if I spill something on the mat?

Please, do not worry even if the water soaked the mat there are more waterproof layers inside and it will be safe to use when it completely dries out.

After it dries out, turn the mat on but do not lie down on it. Leave it on high heat for a couple of hours to check if the mat works fine.

Just be sure that it is completely air dried before you try to turn it on.

Some indicators seem to come ON and OFF. Why aren’t they consistently ON when the mat is plugged in?

Each time you press the button it activates a function (Photon, PEMF) for a specific amount of time. If your mat has adjustable PEMF, continuous pressing the PEMF button will switch between levels 1-9.

The indicator lights up when the function is activated and goes off when the time has elapsed.

The heat indicator goes ON and OFF because the mat is not heating consistently.

The electric heating system works only during 10-20% of mat session time as it stops when the mat reaches set temperature and resumes only after the temperature drops. 

The pillow is too hard. What do I do?

You can just take off the pillow case with the stones and put it on something softer.

There is a zipper on the rear side of the pillow case. The case with the crystals is the most valuable part of the pillow.

Usually the zippered hole is enough large to get the inner heat resistant foam pillow out of the case with crystals.

But if the hole is not big enough to take it off, maybe you will have to tear apart the inner memory foam pillow (if you do not need it anymore). Usually HARD pillows inserts need to be ruined to get them out and the SOFT pillows inserts can go out without issues.

As soon as you have a crystals case without the insert you can replace it with your standard sleeping pillow or shredded foam filler. 


Some customers use the eggshell mattress pad material as the softest filler. You can buy it on Amazon.

Something like this priced at $9 with free shipping should be able to make the pillow really soft.


If the links do now work, please, search Amazon.

It works great for many of our customers preferring to sleep on the amethyst crystals pillow.

My mat is not heating. What should I do?

The most frequent cause for the problem is poor connection. 

The plug with connector from the controller to the mat terminal socket should be connected tightly.

The easiest way to solve the problem is to disconnect the plug of the controller from the socket first and then from the mat connection terminal. Then first reconnect the mat tightly and then plug it into power socket again. 

Be sure that the socket has electrical power, it can be tested by any other device. 

But if reconnection to the operational power socket does not improve the situation, it means that the problem is either with the controller (more probable) or with the mat’s inner heating system or temperature sensors. 

Such issues, unfortunately, can happen from improper use (standing, dancing on the mat, heating in folded condition). 

Sometimes the power spikes can be the reason for such faults, and for better durability it is better to connect the mat through a voltage regulator or surge suppressor. 

Please, contact us ereada@ereada.com for replacement if troubleshooting did not help.

Note: Ereada® mat can become an important part of your daily activity and general wellness regimen and supplement your healthy lifestyle. It may help to create relaxing or reenergizing environment awakening the restfulness, comfort and invigoration powers, energies and inner forces. Ereada® mats are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, heal, mitigate, or prevent any disease, illness, symptom or medical condition, or to substitute medical treatment of any kind or to affect the structure or any function of the body. Any information on https://Ereada.com or on linked websites or literature, on labeling or in printed materials of Ereada Corp are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, heal, mitigate, or prevent any disease, illness, symptom or medical condition or to substitute medical advice of any kind. Please, see Legal Disclaimer page for more information.