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Far Infrared Heating and Men Fertility. Testicles protection.

Far Infrared Heating and Men Fertility. Testicles protection.

Is it safe for men to heat the groin and scrotum area with the Far Infrared Amethyst and other hot stone mats?

And in general how safe are all heating pads, electric blankets, car seat heaters, hot bathtubs for testicles?

Can heating or even warming scrotum make any harm to testosterone production, fertility, sperm count or activity? 

Do we need to think about genitals protection?

Genitals protection on infrared heating pad
Healthy patients without diabetic neuropathy or other losses of sensitivity to temperature should remember that there are still some oversensitive to heat parts of their bodies which should never be on the mat heating area, unless it is prescribed by the health professional.
Head and face should always be out of the direct contact or influence of heating devices. Our brain is very sensitive to heat, and should be protected first of all. 
Also in case fertility should be supported it is better to completely avoid warming testicles and genitalia zones. 
Sleeping on the mat on low level heat, a hot bath once in a while or a hot shower shouldn't do any harm.
But applying heat directly to the testicular area by using a heating pad or infrared mat on high heat should be avoided in case it is not a voluntary contraception ( which also should be controlled by the health professional ).
If you lay on your back the Hot Stone Mat FIR radiant rays should not be able to penetrate deep enough to make any harm to genitals zone. 
The depth of penetration is 2-10 mm for monochrome visible Red Light and Far and Mid InfraRed rays penetrate only several inches.
It is the so called "bio-resonance" effect that the cells may start to burn calories and produce more heat themselves (mitochondria activity) awakened by crystal rays or simply by warmer environment like in summer or in Florida.
But even several hours after the session on the amethyst mat your temperature may be slightly elevated. Many naturopaths consider that crystal rays heating creates reenergizing environment beneficial for ferments, immunity and metabolism boost. There is a book available on Amazon 98,6 – Ideal Body Temperature as the Secret to Optimum Health by Dr Uwe. He says that one degree of temperature increase increases our resistance forces up to 50% and that the majority of his sick patients were folks with the temperature lower than 95 F.
We got use to the fact that with age our temperature slightly goes down as well as metabolism, activity and vital forces. But is it normal and non-reversible? Many "snowbirds" come to Florida from either the Northeast, Midwest, or Canada every winter to feel younger and energized. Usually these winters are associated with weight loss and better overall healthy and more active lifestyle. What a great idea to be able to create similar reenergizing environment anytime without leaving your home...
When you heat yourself, thermoregulation systems move the hot blood and lymph away from the spots where the FIR rays and heat are applied and replace them with cooler blood and lymph from remote tissues. It causes temperature increase in larger zones due to circulation and heat distribution.
Of course, deeper we try to apply heat less results we have. But if you use professional or single size FIR Mat you may achieve the whole body hyperthermia. (it is not recommended, please, see disclaimer if you want to elevate your body temperature with the aid of our mat). 
Famous Japanese oncologist Dr. Nobuhiro Yoshimizu in his book 4-th Treatment For Medical Refugees or Thermo therapy in 21-st century used FIR heating and stated that they had the most effective results if the tumors were closer to the body surface. It was more difficult to treat tumors located deeper in the body.

In Japan they used Richway Biomat for their studies, it is similar to our Amethyst Mats without additional functions. For cancer patients they also used a pair of mats for high intensive “sandwiched” between mats thermo therapy. They did not protect genitalia zones at all.

Some customers sit on the mat from time to time. Some of them suffer from prostatitis. They feel that heating the derriere may be helpful to avoid frequent night urination. If you do so, it is important to sit so that your testicles are not on the mat, and you just sit on the edge of heating area.

The most important to protect genitalia zone is if you lay on the mat on your belly.
Usually two mats are used for the whole body experience, one under your leg zone and the other under your stomach and you leave some space between them for genitals.
You can use two mini mats for this procedure or you can use one mini mat first under your legs and then under your upper body.
Or if you have a PRO mat just turn it 90 degrees and lay so that either your legs are on the mat or your torso and heat them one after another.

Other possibility is to make a non-permeable for FIR Rays screen.
It can be done with a towel folded many times and covered with several layers of standard aluminum foil. It helps for short procedures. You can use this screen under genitals area in both positions - on the back and on the belly.
Cooling pad can also be used inside the towel to absorb heating rays.
Far Infrared Heat creates powerful environment great for detox.
When you sweat, your body excretes a lot of wastes and toxins and some of our customers reported that FIR heat sessions combined together with the health professional advised protocol could be helpful to improve erectile function and enhance sexual life.
Some practitioners and enthusiasts successfully use Far Infrared and PEMF sessions to complement restoration and reloading of hormonal system for recreational athletes with prior steroids abuse induced hypogonadism . 
So, in case the mat is used with common sense and correctly, it should work fine without any complications related to fertility.
Below is some more information about heat and fertility which confirms that it is important to avoid heat stress on genitalia and scrotum zones. 
Most information is on MedLine and PubMed website which are the main searchable database of U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
It is generally recognized that the normal sperm production depends on a testicular temperature. Sperm is best produced at a temperature slightly below body temperature ( 4-5 C ).
The muscles around a male's scrotum involuntarily tighten if the man's body temperature drops, and they loosen, allowing the testes to hang, if the body temperature rises.
This is the body's way of keeping the sperm at an ideal temperature. This thermoregulation method works fine if there is no excessive heat applied. 
The spermatozoids cells are heat sensitive and the mean temperature in the testicles should be around 32-33°C and not 37 for this reason.
There is assumption that scrotal and consecutively testicular temperature above 35 degrees C impairs spermatogenesis. Sperm production can be disrupted with increased temperature.
Some scientists consider that the reduction in fertility in men and the number of people needing medical help to conceive, is linked to all the toxins that we find in our environment, especially the food, alcohol but has also to do with the increasing heat applied to the testicles.
Due to sedentary lifestyle and the fact that almost all men wear jeans or trousers, our bodies thermoregulation may fail. 
Scrotal temperature was found to strongly correlate with sedentary work position with a dose-effect association 
The relation between daily activities and scrotal temperature.
There was also a study involving review of truck drivers working for long time in sitting position and it did not show semen quality decrease. But contraception via genital heat stress has been demonstrated with special hot sitting baths or insulating suspensors. There was also found a connection between cooling of genitals zone and improve of semen quality.
Influence of genital heat stress on semen quality in humans.
There was a study in Korea for long time exposure of man to heating floor which produces mainly conductive heat but also some infrared rays and it affected some participants sitting for 3 hours on hot floor.
Changes in the scrotal temperature of subjects in a sedentary posture over a heated floor.
Some studies on rats showed that the increased scrotal temperature reversibly decreased testosterone production.
Effects of local heating of the testes on the concentration of testosterone in jugular and testicular venous blood of rats and on testosterone production in vitro.
In 90-s Medical science even started to investigate an increase in testicular temperature as a potential reversible and safe contraceptive method for men. Some researches involving heating the testicles so that they cannot produce sperm suggested the exposure to high temperatures (116F) can affect fertility for months.  
One of the initial experiments resulted in partial infertility lasting more than four years. Initial experiments suggest it is effective and safe.
The potential of mild testicular heating as a safe, effective and reversible contraceptive method for men.
Male contraception by hyperthermia
These contraceptive methods involving local hyperthermia of testicles used hot water applied to the scrotum, heat generated by ultrasound, heating pads and artificial cryptorchidism (holding the testicles inside the abdomen) using specialized briefs.
There were even medical studies to see if this contraception is safe.
323 men diagnosed with Testicular cancer and 658 men without were studied to see if there was any correlation between developing cancer and higher scrotal temperatures. The main target was to investigate if hot tubs procedures, sauna use, tight shorts, and special thermal underwear could be a cause of cancer. 
Results showed that of the men with Testicular cancer fewer had used hot tubs and saunas than those without cancer. No association was found between testicular cancer and having worn tight-fitting underwear, jockey shorts or having worn heat-resistant clothing on the job.
Elevated Intrascrotal temperature and the incidence of testicular cancer in non-cryptoorchid men.
Really, most studies confirmed that thermoregulation systems work fine maintaining healthy temperature in scrotum unless a serious heat stress is applied which should NEVER be done unless it is a voluntary contraception.
Anyhow it is important to remind yourself to check for better position always when you sit on the mat or lay on your belly simply because our body temperature sensors do not feel the penetrative radiant heating rays from hot crystals same as we feel conductive heat.
Remember that your mat's temperature is adjustable and you can use the level that works best for you.
Enjoy and Be Healthy!
Note: Ereada® mat can become an important part of your daily activity and general wellness regimen and supplement your healthy lifestyle. It may help to create relaxing or reenergizing environment awakening the restfulness, comfort and invigoration powers, energies and inner forces. Ereada® mats are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, heal, mitigate, or prevent any disease, illness, symptom or medical condition, or to substitute medical treatment of any kind or to affect the structure or any function of the body. Any information on https://Ereada.com or on linked websites or literature, on labeling or in printed materials of Ereada Corp are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, heal, mitigate, or prevent any disease, illness, symptom or medical condition or to substitute medical advice of any kind. Please, see Legal Disclaimer page for more information.

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