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EMF testing of Ereada mats

EMF testing of Ereada mats

Ereada Infrared Biomat EMF test certificate

Summary of EMF testing of Ereada Professional mats


All Ereada mats use the passive and active EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interception) technologies integrated into our Amethyst mats to protect users from this harmful inductive EMF, especially those of high frequencies.  

The passive system consists of the double silicon and Teflon insulation and shielding of low emission titanium heating elements and the EMI layers of the mats with the copper fiber, carbon fiber, foil to control remaining EMFs on almost zero levels. 

The active system includes wires and a carbon layer catching the waves. It works with the Controller AUTO EMI function automatically detecting and transferring absorbed EMFs spikes into the wall socket ground or neutral pin for Earthing. This system is like a lighting rod safely conducting the EMFs to the ground. 

All our mats come with almost zero EMF emission heating systems. If you test the mattress while it is heating up, you will not find more than 0.2-0.5 milligauss on all the surface of the mat besides two-three small 1 inch areas where bimetal switches are and the connector where the controller plug enters the Amethyst mat. 

These small areas may emit up to 2-4 mG, which is still on the safe side, but these parts play essential roles. Bimetals physically cut electricity if the mat starts to overheat, and the controller's thermostats fail. It is vital for user's safety, and these parts are so small and emit much less than any standard electrical device. 

Manufacturers add these bimetals sensors into all high valued heating units directly contacting the body. Cheaper heating pads or electric blankets without backup safety systems sometimes cause burns or fires, but our mats provide double protection and have never fired.

The outlets, connectors, and controllers of all electrical appliances, including all brands of all hot stone mats may emit relatively higher levels up to 20 mG, and undoubtedly better to keep them away from your head. The influence falls to zero in several inches. 

Effectiveness of EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interception) Testing Report

You can download the full PDF file report here.

Summary of PEMF and EMF testing of Ereada Professional mats

Researched by C.D. Lytle, Ph.D., in January 2020

Mat:  Ereada Grey Professional Amethyst Mat, covered

Covered*:  Two Ereada covers plus a bedsheet plus a knitted afghan

Mat settings: Heat at #7, PEMF off, ION off

Magnetometer:  Trifield Meter, range used:  0.2 - 3 mGauss

Position on the mat for EMF reading above 0.2 mGauss*

Distance from        Distance from         EMF reading          

top of mat              left side of the mat      

(inches)                  (inches)                  (mGauss)

5.5                              13                              1.8

44.5                            13                              2.4

58                                2                                1.8

* No readings over the mat were at or above 0.2 mGauss, the limit of detectability of the meter, except the “hot spots.”  Also, when the heat setting was reduced, the readings over the “hot spots” immediately dropped to undetectable.


  1. All the mat surface shows less than 0.2 mG EMFs level when the PEMF feature is OFF.
  2. Three 1.8-2.4 mG "hot spots’ were located.
  3. Two such ‘hot spots’ were in line with the PEMF coils, but not over them.
  4. The third ‘hot spot’ was in the far corner of the heated portion of the mat.
  5. The ‘hot spots’ relate to the safety sensors or bimetal switches functioning.
  6. The EMF reading at the Controller Plug was 25 milliGauss, which dropped to 1 mGauss 5 inches away.

Ereada Corp is grateful to C.D. Lytle, Ph.D. for data collection, testing the mat, meticulously researching and preparing this report!

Carl, thank you so much for your attention, time, and assistance!

You can find the internal factory lab EMF and PEMF tests on the Ereada Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/ereadabiomat. There are EMFs tests for different models of our mats sharing the same EMF-free heating system.

Also, you can buy any device measuring EMFs on Amazon to test it yourself. These testers are affordable now, and helpful to check the appliances.

There are cheap Chinese heated stone pads with high EMFs in the market, but if you are looking for a well-know brand, all the quality products manufacturers use the EMF-free systems nowadays. 


There is also some buzz about electrical noise. It's a different thing from the EMFs and shows V/M difference between the ground electric potential and the product's one. It depends a lot on how the house is wired, which other devices are functioning, and how far you are from the Earth. We can measure it with some sophisticated testers such as Trifield also used for ghost hunting. 

We testes ourselves many heated stone mats, and found out that rotating the device on the mattress, shows different electric fields from zero v/m to 100-200v/m. But it also indicates 300v/m near the desk lamp. It shows much less when we put it on the heated stone mattress. 

We checked many different mats such as Nugabest, MediCrystal, Richway Biomat, Healthyline, and of course, all our Ereada products and did not find any difference. 

Our body can distort measurements a lot as per the Trifield website. Usually, their meters in an "electric wave" mode show 100-1000v/m on all kinds of mats (including Richway) when the tester is not grounded, and especially if you hold it in your hand. 

The mG value (that Triefiled calls a "magnetic component of the electromagnetic field") is a real parameter showing the inductive influence or the ability of the EMF to affect biological tissues or other devices (especially electronic ones). 

All Ereada mats generate generally safe levels of EMFs for continuous use or sleeping. 

Though the controller and connectors EMFs falls to zero several inches away, if you are EMF oversensitive, the following suggestions may be workable, no matter which brand of the heated stone mat you use.

  • Keep the controller and connectors away from your head (and from EMF tester)
  • Do not use PEMF function, or use it on the lowest frequency levels
  • Use the amethyst pillow or at least a regular one to avoid occasional contacts between your head and the mat connector near the logo on the top of the mat. Or you can lay on the mat with your feet towards the connector.
  • If you are oversensitive to electrical waves and do not feel comfortable on the powered mat, eliminate exposure to any electricity just by preheating your stone mattress to the maximum temperature and unplug it from the power outlet before you lie on it. Hot crystals accumulate the warmth and will naturally release it without electric power.
  • It is the best practice for long all-night sessions to avoid dehydration "dry mouth" side-effects. Even after the mat cools down, it utilizes your body warmth to emit infrared rays and negative ions naturally and safely.
Please check for more information in our Knowledge Base https://support.ereada.com.

DISCLAIMER: Ereada® Warming Amethyst mattresses and other products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, mitigate, or prevent any disease, illness, or medical condition or to substitute medical treatment of any kind or to affect the structure or any function of the body. Ereada® products are non-medical, non-medicinal, consumer, home-use appliances only for general comfort and well-being. We do not make any explicit or implied health or disease treatment/prevention claims for these products. These products and statements have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. FDA registration of the manufacturer does not mean that the product is intended or recommended for medical use, treatment of any diseases or medical conditions, or can be a replacement or substitute for doctor’s advice, traditional therapy, or medical care. There are contraindications the same as for other spas, magnetism, thermal sessions, or sauna use such as pacemakers, organ transplants, fever, acute infections and inflammations, pregnancy, mental disability, and others. Please consult with a physician before the use of these products. If you are immobilized, have any disease or health conditions, or take medicines, ask your doctor about how to use these products safely. Any information here is not a substitute for a health professional advice and does not reflect or represent product claims. Specific medical advice should be obtained only from a licensed health care professional. All the data, specifications, and testing results are indicative and subject to change. They are not guaranteed to be errorless and are only for informational purposes. Any usage of these materials is allowed only with the written agreement of Ereada Corp.

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