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Even without external electricity source the Amethyst pads and mats naturally release negative ions and gentle far-infrared heat using your own warmth and energy.

There are no contraindications for use Ereada® FIR Amethyst Mats while they are not connected to electricity.

It is also generally safe to use your electric Amethyst Mat for negative ions generation on low temperature levels. 

But it is strictly recommended to study all precautions and contraindications information and consult your doctor before initiating use.

We accumulated a lot of useful tips referring to electric powered Ereada® Hot Stone Mat sessions on this page.

Please, read it completely to start your Ereada mat use for maximum benefits.

How to start using and take maintenance of your Ereada® Amethyst or Gemstone Mat

  • Before your first session study the manual and the section about the useful tips completely.
  • Arrange your ambience. Prepare your Ereada® Amethyst Mat space to create tranquility and privacy atmosphere.
  • You can chose to cover your mat with a cotton sheet, towel or to cushion it with a special waterproof 3-D air layer protector. If you like it, and want to have better contact with crystals, you can lay on the soft suede or mesh surface.
  • It would be fine to have a blanket to cover yourself while session. Some people even use Ereada® Amethyst Mat MINI as a cover for more intensive both sides heating.
  • Have your player with relaxing music within easy reach.
  • The best is to use the Ereada® Pillow for your head.
  • Do not wear synthetic clothing on the Mat. Use only cotton or natural fiber clothes during the session. 
  • Your session should be calm and free of any disturbance. Turn off the phone signals, use the “Do Not Disturb” sign, put on an eye pillow or light protection band and your headphones, and relax.
  • Put the mat on the floor or on the bed with crystals upside. There are heat reflection layers in the mat directing heat upwards but anyhow the bottom of the mat can still heat up so better to put a towel under the mat. Cover the mat completely with a thick blanket to preheat and let it heat up for 30-60 minutes depending on the heat level chosen. If the mat stone surface is not covered entirely, you could disrupt the heat sensors.
  • You should cover your mat to catch the heat, or it will dissipate into the air. If you need to get the max temperature of 158°F (displayed as level 7 on the large mat controllers or 70°C on the mini mat controller) you should lie on the mat and use your own body to press the stones against the heating layer. Please, check for more information about the Ereada® mat heating here or in the Ereada knowledge base.
  • Use slow and continuous mode of increasing session intensity. A natural adjustment period is necessary. Begin with the low temperature levels and short time sessions of half hour or less. Increase one heat level setting at a time, until you find the setting that feels best for you. Once or twice a week sessions will be a reasonable way to start.
  • Main rule is to use the lowest temperature (level 1 or 2) settings to create a relaxing environment, for sleeping or longer time sessions. Medium temperature settings (3, 4 or 5 level) are the best for physicality and to encourage activity, some customers use them for extended time from 30 minutes to several hours. Highest temperature (levels 6-7) is for short time sessions less than 30-60 minutes deep heat and should not be used for prolonged time.
  • Try to get the cumulative effect. All humans are unique. Some people do fine on the lower settings, and get the same benefits over the long term as those who use the higher temperature settings. Ereada® Amethyst Mat provides cumulative benefits to mind and spirit on every setting. No need to hurry.*
  • The far-infrared heat deeply warms you up. It is not felt by our body in the same manner as direct heat. Only when the controller is on the high heat levels the mat may become hot to touch but usually it is felt as warm. That is why the energy is used more efficiently than in conventional heating pads warming mainly the surface layer and the ambient air. But the extra care should be taken during the learning curve to avoid overheating and unpleasant experience such as dry mouth, buzz feeling or dehydration.
  • You can gradually go up to use more powerful sessions as soon as your adaptation to the lower temperature settings is built up. Very good results are reported from incorporating ½-hour Ereada® Amethyst Mat high level sessions several times per week. For better sweating it may be beneficial to cover with several heavy natural fabric towels or blankets or to use the Ereada® Amethyst Mat Mini as a cover. You may not sweat during the first high level sessions, as you are not yet adapted. But after several procedures the healthy sweating will start.
  • Thermotolerance. For high temperature sessions with levels 6-7 after being heated, tissues develop resistance to heat, which persists for about three days and may reduce the effects of repeated heat sessions in this period. Russian and Japanese researchers suggest «cycles» up to four times a week apart.
  • Take a shower with a body scrub after every use of the Ereada® Far Infrared Amethyst Mat to remove sweat and toxins. If it is OK for you, you may finish with a slightly warm or cold water shower to close the pores.
  • Drink a lot of pure or mineral water during, before and after sessions. Proper rehydration is very important to get the Ereada® Amethyst Mat benefits and to avoid unpleasant experience such as dry mouth or buzz feeling.*
  • Do your best to arrange regularity and consistency in your sessions. Schedule the use of the Ereada® Mat into your daily routine. It is a key to get accumulated effects.*
  • Best time to use the Amethyst FIR Heating Pad or Mat for relaxation is ½-hour before bed. It will prepare your body for deepest, regenerative sleep. You can also sleep all the night on the Mat on the first or second temperature level or even with heating function off. The natural far infrared rays from Amethyst crystals will produce benefits even if the Ereada® Mat is off power. Do not use the mat on high level during the bedtime and consider using an extra plug-into socket timer set for an hour to double protect yourself in case you fall asleep.*
  • If you have a good experience of sweatingy and sports you may select higher temperature and cover your body with a blanket or the Ereada® Amethyst Mat Mini. This may increase benefits by retaining your body’s heat and may be especially effective.*
  • Please, use high heat levels with extra care. It is highly recommend to have a good training period with lower heat levels sessions experience and doctor’s approval before using the Ereada® Mat especially on the high heat levels.*
  • You can also use the Ereada® Mat when you are working, relaxing or sleeping. Regular sleeping on the mat has cumulative effect and may be extremely beneficial in promotion wellbeing. Do not forget to use the Ereada®  Mat Pillow for richer experience.*
  • In the negative ions only mode the Mats may protect you from the harmful positive ionization by electronic devices in your office.*
  • Ereada® Amethyst Mat can be used for short rest in revitalizing sessions or for a whole night sleep. Sleeping on the Amethyst Mattress may help for your practices to relieve stress and restore power. Sleeping should be done only on the lowest heat levels or in negative ions only, in no heat or non-powered mode.
  • It is a great idea to accumulate the natural sun light for your Amethyst Pad during a shiny day. Take care to protect the mat from the rain though.
  • Once you begin to feel the Ereada® Mat benefits yourself, you may share your experience with your friends, family and community. Please, contact us by email ereada@ereada.com to get a special existing customer’s discount for a new purchase.


  • Ereada® Amethyst and Gemstone FIR Mats have been carefully engineered for both effectiveness and safety. Basic safety precautions should always be observed when using any electrical devices. Before using this device, please read this section. It explains the correct way to use this device. Please follow the safety instruction carefully.
  • Never put the Ereada® Mat into the water, do not use the device in wet or excessively humid area.
  • This product is not to be used by incapacitated persons.
  • Infants are not allowed to use the Mat.
  • Do not use on heat sensitive skin; especially the face or skin that is not sensitive to temperature change.
  • Do not use with liniments, salves or ointments that contain heat-producing ingredients unless recommended by professionals. Skin burns could result.
  • Increase water intake before and after sessions. Do not let yourself get dehydrated. 
  • Start slowly at low settings and gradually increase duration and temperature.
  • If you have piercings or any other metal details on your body: do not go above 95 - 104°F (35 - 40°C), unless that part of your body is off the mat.
  • Do not keep your head on the heated parts of the mat for long periods of time. The special Ereada® Mat Pillow is strongly recommended.
  • Contact a vet before using the device on a pet.
  • Recipients of Titanium, Metal, Ceramic, or Plastic surgical implants usually can use the Amethyst Mat. Surgical implants generally reflect infrared rays and are not heated by an infrared heat system. Anyhow it is strongly recommended to check with the physician before use.
  • Silicon implants may be heated by infrared rays. Silicon is known to melt at over 200 degrees Celsius / 392 Fahrenheit, so it should not be affected by infrared rays. Anyhow it is strongly advised that you consult your surgeon before use.
  • Do not use the mat when your hands and body are wet.
  • Do not put the controller on the mat.
  • Overusing the device on maximum temperature may result in excessive stimulation. Use moderately on high temperature.
  • Children and those with disability must be closely supervised when using the device.
  • Do not spill water over the device. If spilled let it totally dry out for 1-2 days before use. Then turn ON the mat on the highest level for an hour but do not lay on it until you are sure that it works properly.
  • Avoid placing blankets, heavy object or flammable material over the device unattended.
  • Use cautiously, burns may result from improper use. It is possible though not likely if used on bare skin as the Amethyst Crystals can become quite warm and everyone’s individual thresholds for heat vary. We recommend if there is any doubt to use at least one layer of clothing as a protective barrier while using the electric powered heating Ereada Amethyst Mat. 
  • Do not disassemble anything while the power is on.
  • Do not prick the mattress with pins or knives.
  • Do not put volatile materials such as benzene, thinner or kerosene on the mattress.
  • Changes or modifications to this device not expressly approved by the company can be dangerous and may cause electric shock.
  • Make sure that the voltage rating corresponds to the specification. Use the Ereada® Mat with the surge protector to keep your warranty and protect device from power spikes.
  • Do not handle the mat with wet hands.
  • When unplugging mattress controller, do not attempt to pull the cord, pull it out by holding the plug.
  • Do not use the mat when the cord is damaged or if the electrical outlet is excessively loose.
  • Stop using the mat immediately if it is damaged.
  • Stop using and unplug power from the wall outlet if you find out some strange conditions such as smell, smoke and fire.
  • Ironing the device is strictly prohibited.
  • Always remember to turn off the electrical supply when not in use.
  • Be careful with pets sleeping on the device. They can damage the Ereada® Mat device if left without supervision! It should be turned off without supervision.
  • Before cleaning the device, turn off the main switch and unplug the device.
  • Wipe off dust or dirt with slightly damp cloth. You may also use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust from the surface of the device.
  • Do not use chemical solvents such as benzene or thinner on the controller or pad because it may damage them.
  • Do not wash the device or controller.
  • Fold the device in appropriate manner and store in the bag provided. Do not wrap the controller and plug with the pad. The sharp edge of the power socket may damage the anti bacteria gauze of the body.
  • Do not store the mat in a humid, dusty or oily place.
  • Do not put heavy object over the device when storing it.


It is always recommended to consult with your physician before using the Ereada® Heating Mat.
It is very important to properly hydrate with pure or mineralized water, herbal teas or juices before, during and after sessions with the Ereada® Mat.
  • Organ Transplants
The recipients of any type of organ transplant should not use Far Infrared Amethyst Mat. 
  • Pacemakers / Defibrillators, Bypass surgery
Cardiac (heart) pacemaker and defibrillators users or patterns with recent Bypass Surgery should not use the Ereada® Mat.*
  • Ailments
Anyone with a disease, ailment or medical condition should never use the Ereada Amethyst Mat without approval from the physician. It maybe extremely dangerous to raise the body temperature to high levels for the persons with: Adrenal Suppression Disorders, Addison’s Disease, Adrenal Insufficiency, Systematic Lupus Erythematous, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Brain Tumors, Bypass Surgery, Diabetics, Hypertension and many other conditions.*
  • Newborn Babies / Infants / Children
Newborns and infants should not use the FIR Mat with hot crystals. Children may use with caution only with doctor’s consent and under supervision of adults on low heat modes or negative ions only.*
  • Pregnancy
Expectant women should not use the Ereada® Mat on heating mode. 
  • Pain
Pain should not be experienced when using the Hot Crystals Mat. If pain occurs or is persistent, discontinue use.*
  • Medications / Treatments / Radiation / Chemotherapy
Anybody currently taking medications or going under medical treatments, radiation or chemotherapy should consult the physician before using the Ereada® FIR Mat in heating mode.*
  • Hyperthermia / Fever
Anybody experiencing a high fever should not use the Ereada® or Gemstone Mat in heating mode. Only the negative ions function can be used until the fever stops.*
  • Joint Injuries
Anybody with fresh joint injuries or swollen hot joints should not use the Ereada® Mat in heating modes to avoid inflammation. Only the negative ions function can be used until the full recovery.*
  • Insensitivity to Heat
Anybody with diseases associated with a reduced ability to sweat or insensitivity to heat should use the Ereada® Mat only in no heat negative ions mode.*
  • Immobility
Anyone with difficulty moving or changing positions should use the Ereada® Amethyst or Gemstone Mat in the negative ions only mode.
  • Open Wounds
Do not use over the open wounds, acute injuries or after serious trauma.* 
  • Vericose Veins

Do not use if you have varicose veins or if you take blood thinners such as Coumadin muscle relaxers or any other medicines which can affect your blood. 

  • Limited Use
Do not use direct on genitals, on face, near thin skin or on any other sensitive areas. 
  • Worsened Condition
If there are any symptoms or conditions that worsen while using the FIR Gemstone and Amethyst heating pads, the use should be stopped immediately. Some temporary symptoms may occur if you start too fast. It is strongly recommended to decrease intensity or discontinue the usage of the mat and consult the physician.*
In case the symptoms persist, contact your physician and stop the session until you get doctor’s approval.
Do not forget that proper rehydration is necessary while using the device.
Drink a lot of juices and mineral water to avoid problems.
The symptoms may also be the signs of severe diseases. It is strongly recommended to apply to licensed doctor. Remember that it is your responsibility to seek the attention of a health care professional before use of this product. 

All questions regarding the Ereada® Far Infrared (FIR) Amethyst or Gemstone Mat purchase, use or maintenance, warranty issues or return authorisation should be directed to Ereada Corp by email ereada@ereada.com

We are willing to help you and though we guarantee reply for any question within 24 hours, we always try to reply immediately.

All inquiries through the web site or by corporate email are prioritized.

You may also contact our customer service by the toll free phone: (800) 688-7780.

Please, understand that we do not provide any medical advices.

Note: Ereada® mats are great for general wellness. They awaken the restfulness, comfort and invigoration, powers and energies and can become an important part of your healthy lifestyle. Ereada® mats may help supplement your lifestyle but neither Ereada mats nor literature nor any other information on the website or linked to are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, mitigate, or prevent any disease, illness or medical condition or to substitute medical treatment of any kind or to affect the structure or any function of the body. Please, see Legal Disclaimer page for more information.

The application of heat has a long history. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used hot stones, wrapping into hot blankets or immersing into the hot water or sand.

Practitioners in ancient India used regional and whole-body hyperthermia for health purposes and anti-aging.

Asians heated by the sun the hand made mats with Amethyst, Agate, Tourmaline and Jadeite stones to accumulate the thermal healing power of the sun light which was transferred to the body while sleeping on the mat in the night.

Turkish bath, Russian banya and Finnish sauna are the other samples of traditional heat treatments that enhance wellbeing.

Thermal methods have great potential and the InfraRed Energy radiated by Amethyst crystals is the best source of such heat.*

Dr. Uwe, a famous naturopath from Germany, states in his bestseller book 98,6 F the Ideal Body Temperature as the Secret to Optimum Health that hypothermia, or low temperature, may be the cause or mark of many disorders and usually comes with age. 

The book linked above is only for informational purposes. It does not construe any medical advice or claims about Ereada® products, and like all research articles or literature, it may contain errors. The author is neither related to nor affiliated with Ereada Corp.

As per Dr. Uwe's data, hot crystals and hot stones may have great potential to support the reversal to optimal temperatures.

It is really very pleasant for almost everybody to lay on hot stones, especially in cold or chilly seasons, because of the warmth, coziness, and tranquility feeling you get from hot crystals.

All crystals, especially amethyst and tourmaline, crushed into small pieces provide an even distribution of warmth and may balance mental, physical, and spiritual wellness levels through two natural processes: negative ion emission and the release of far-infrared rays

Thanks to hot crystals, it is possible to manage comfort and wellness and naturally maintain the quality of life.

During hot seasons, the best practice may be to use the stones and crystals without heating so that they can create a comfortable environment, absorbing excessive heat and cooling you down.

It is the main way the unpowered gemstone mats are used in Asian countries.

Note: Ereada® mat can become an important part of your daily activity and general wellness regimen and supplement your healthy lifestyle. It may help to create relaxing or reenergizing environment awakening the restfulness, comfort and invigoration powers, energies and inner forces. Ereada® mats are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, heal, mitigate, or prevent any disease, illness, symptom or medical condition, or to substitute medical treatment of any kind or to affect the structure or any function of the body. Any information on https://Ereada.com or on linked websites or literature, on labeling or in printed materials of Ereada Corp are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, heal, mitigate, or prevent any disease, illness, symptom or medical condition or to substitute medical advice of any kind. Please, see Legal Disclaimerpage for more information.

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