Ereada® Gemstone FIR Bio Magnetic Mats

Ereada® Gemstone Bio Magnetic Mats

Ereada® Gemstone FIR Mat collection comes in five products:

  • 20" x 32" Ereada® Gemstone Mini Mat
  • 24"x59" Ereada® Gemstone Mat Compact Pro (Midsize)
  • 29" x 73" Ereada® Gemstone Mat Professional (Pro)
  • 39" x 75" Ereada® Gemstone Mat Single (Pro XL)


Brown eco-leather FIR mats infused with a blend of natural tumbled Gems. Amethyst, Garnet, Agate, Jade; other colorful types of Natural Quartz and Chalcedony and various kinds of Tourmaline, Yellow Mud, White Clay, Ochre Bio-Ceramic Spheres fill mesh tubes.

Ereada® Gemstone Mini Mat features Permanent Static Magnets and NP function. These mats have Silver Fiber High Negative Potential function ( N.P. ) layer transmitting 600v DC negative potential directly into the body, totally recharging it. 

Compact PRO (Midsize), Professional, and Single Mats come with Permanent Static Magnets, Air Ion, and PEMF functions.

All Ereada® FIR Mats and heating pads generate negative ions through inner layers always when the mat is ON. Tourmaline balls release additional anions upon heat or pressure distortion.

These mats produce maximum levels of negative ions to help you keep fit and healthy!

Enjoy the natural forces of rocks, mountains, and ocean beaches at your home!

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