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How to heat up Ereada Mat correctly and measure it's temperature

How to heat up Ereada Mat correctly and measure it's temperature

Some of our customers not so familiar with Ereada mats at first view think that Ereada Mats are not as hot as they should be.  

Folks may try to use the "low heating mats" on the highest levels for an extended time and finally may get low-temperature burns, dry mouth, dehydration or other unpleasant effects. 

This article answers most of the questions about how FIR Heating Pad with crystals should be pre-heated and tested, how Amethyst mats work in general and shows our customers how to perform temperature tests at home.

Ereada Mat Heat Testing
Ereada FIR hot stone mats do not work like conventional heating pads. They produce lots of heating energy but are usually warm to touch, and even cooler than other Amethyst mats because they have 20-30% more crystals than the same models of other mats and radiate more heat in form of radiant FIR rays.
Temperature Writing Device

Seven temperature settings in the range between 86°F ~ 158°F (30°C - 70°C) are displayed as levels 1-7 on the controller screen

Level 1 is 86°F or 30°C ( Sleeping mode )

Level 2 is 98°F or 36°C ( Low mode )

Level 3 is 110°F or 43°C ( Low medium mode )

Level 4 is 120F or 49C ( Medium mode )

Level 5 is 133°F or 56°C ( Medium High mode )

Level 6 is 145°F or 63°C ( High mode )

Level 7 is 158°F or 70°C ( Highest mode )

The temperature corresponding to the level displayed on the Mat controller shows the condition of the inner heating elements measured by sensors inside the layers of the mat close to the heating system. They are rather precise with the variation of up to 5˚C (10˚F).

Brown Ereada Amethyst Mat Temperature sensors attached before testing This temperature does not reflect the surface of the mat temperature which is USUALLY significantly lower as the stones do not keep the warmth inside ( like metal does ), instead, they radiate it as FIR rays.

Usually, it should take less than an hour for the Amethyst Mat covered with a blanket and thick padded protector to reach the maximum level of heating unless it is too cold or the air flow is too strong and it is windy in the room.

To accelerate pre-heating, please, always put the 3-D Protector Pad ( included into the set on the mat ) and cover it with a thick blanket. During this time the gems become very warm and they start to emit warmth in the form of FIR rays themselves.

The heating elements temperature on the highest level will be 150-160F inside the Mat in 20-30 minutes and the surface temperature of the Mat ( under the 3-D Protector Pad and blanket ) will go up to the same level with time.

In the factory testing lab, we have sensors which are attached to the different parts of a mat surface and measure temperature ongoing reporting to special software testing the mat.
Purple Ereada Mat Heat Sensors for Temperature Testing





These are PDF files with laboratory tests of Ereada Mats Heating and everyone can receive similar results on his own at home with an IR remote thermometer.




When the ambient temperature is low and it is windy ( or at least some airflow exists ) , and the mat is not covered with thick blanket, the mat can be only 110-130F on the top of the surface on max level as the heat dissipates, but the mat will still generate a lot of energy because Amethyst crystals transfer it in the form of radiant Far Infrared Rays when preheated.

This deep penetrative heat is radiated in the same way as sun energy by rays with only a small part through conduction.

Conduction and convection are the main methods of heat transferring by conventional heating devices. More crystals are in the mat, the larger part of heating energy is radiated and less is conducted. That is why Ereada mats with more Amethyst than other brands generate more deep heat and are less hot to touch.

If you measure temperature on top of the protector ( not on the bare mat ) it will be even lower. It will be slightly warm. But again it shows the FIR rays travel through the protector well.

If you turn ON the mat to heat up without the blanket and thick protector and after 30-60 minutes measure the temperature of the surface of the uncovered mat, it will be 100-110F ( 40-45˚C ) only on the maximum ( 158F or 70°C ) 7th level.

But if you cover it with a thick blanket or lay on it, it will become 140-160F ( 60-70˚C ) under the blanket/body in 20-30 minutes. If you stand up and measure immediately, it will be so high but again in 2 minutes, it will drop 30-40F ( 15-20˚C ) because the heat will be radiated and the stones will cool down quickly.


It is really a great advantage of hot stone mats that the crystals can radiate heating warmth and remain not so hot to touch.

The heating area of the mat does not include the EREADA logo area.

Only that part of the mat which is covered with tubes filled with Amethysts or other crystals is heated.

This heating surface of the mat should be warmed rather uniformly.

Only the highest and the lowest tubes with crystals are not heated directly. Due to safety limitations, the heating elements are positioned approximately 1 inch from the edges of the mats so remaining stones closer to the edges are heated indirectly by the other stones.

It is normal for them to be cooler in the beginning but if you heat mat for hours the edge stones will become as hot as the ones in the middle.

So, when the mat is preheated correctly covered COMPLETELY with a blanket and thick padded protector most part of crystals heating area should be the same temperature +/- 10˚F.

To check if the mat is heating correctly, please, cover the preheated Mat with a blanket for 30 minutes and then remove the blanket and measure the surface temperature immediately.

Remember that the mat should be covered completely, otherwise, if it is covered only partially, the temperature sensors will report different measurements to the controller from the different parts of the mat and the controller may lose calibration.

Please, compare the higher 1/3 of the mat and the middle part and lower 1/3 of the mat ( not including edge tubes and crystals ). If the difference is within 10F it is OK. As you may see from our pictures we usually use multiple sensors in testing procedures to be sure that the mat is heating equally in different areas.

The temperature may be significantly higher on the PU film window showing crystals on the Brown Ereada Mats and it will drop everywhere in minutes or go up again if you cover the mat again or lay on it.

The temperature fluctuates very fast due to crystals’ ability to radiate heat and it is normal.

There is also one more way to test the mat heating elements' speed and power. It is not recommended to do this frequently as it can overload the heating elements and overheat the bimetal sensors. Also, the controller may stop heating if it receives different information about the mat temperature in the different zones and layers of the mat.

  • Put 3-D Protector Pad from your Mat set and a blanket on the Mat and turn it on the highest level to preheat for an hour. 
  • Remove the Pad and the blanket from the Mat and put a Thick non-permeable Pillow ( like our Amethyst Pillow or any other foam one ) on the Mat to block FIR Heat and leave it for half an hour.
  • Take away the Pillow and immediately measure the temperature on the mat surface under the Pillow and after this on the surrounding area. We usually recommend using the standard Infrared Remote Thermometer. It can be really hot and reach 140-160˚F ( 60-65˚C ) under the pillow but it will be only 100-120˚F ( 40-50˚C ) on uncovered areas.

Really all our mats are very powerful. Some customers from the first view think they are underpowered. Because they do not feel the hot surface. It is a big error which we should avoid for safety reasons.

Sometimes in several weeks quite the opposite happens, claims that the mats heat too much are received and we recommend to use them on the decreased lower level.

At this moment the customers realize how useful is the controller’s ability to adjust temperature levels setting and that the mat can and should be used on different heat levels for different conditions.

In normal condition when the mat is not covered it will never be hot on the surface but the FIR Amethyst mats radiate deep penetrative heat into the body so the mat should be used on much lower "sensible" temperature than the standard electric heating device and demands extra care especially for all night use.

Especially it refers to bigger size mats which are very powerful and may easily cause overstimulation, hyperthermia or buzz effects if overused.

Our skin temperature sensors are not familiar with radiant heat, so again, extra care should be taken even if you feel that the mat is not hot and especially if you are going to use it for a long time or sleep on it.

We recommend using the blanket just to accelerate pre-heating. When the mat is hot for many hours, you may remove the blanket and lay on it any time.

It will become very hot to touch and if you cover yourself with a blanket you may start sweating in half an hour on a large mat or 1-2 hours on mini or midsize Mats ( if it is your target ).

It is very amazing when you lay on the warm mat and start to sweat after half an hour as if you were in the sauna.

Of course, not everybody starts to sweat right after the 1st use of the mat. It demands some accommodation period for the body but in the end, it works as intended.

If you need full energy, please, remove the thick 3-D air layer padded protector and use only the thin one.

Thick protector dissipates around 20-30% of heat, it is usually used for sleeping or long therapy procedures on a much lower heat than maximum.

It is mostly used to avoid stones pressure during sleeping or long low intensive procedures for skinny folks.

Take care not to overheat yourself.  It maybe dangerous with a large and powerful mat.

Hope this information will be helpful and, please, be careful with the mat heating levels and rest assured that even if it is only warm to touch it generates a lot of deep heating energy.

Imagine that all the heat will be radiated inside tissues if you are on the mat. The "bio-resonance" properties of Amethyst crystal rays make cells start to burn calories and produce heat on their own.

FIR Amethyst Mat is only a starter of the self-restoration process!

Here are the pictures of body temperature measurements after hours of procedure of FIR Amethyst Mat:


These results were received measuring analog product Richway Biomat but in general, they may be extrapolated to all Amethyst Infrared mats.

It is a miracle that the temperature stays elevated even 8 hours after the heating procedure!

Stay Warm and Healthy!


Note: Ereada® mat can become an important part of your daily activity and general wellness regimen and supplement your healthy lifestyle. It may help to create a relaxing or reenergizing environment awakening the restfulness, comfort and invigoration powers, energies and inner forces. Ereada® mats are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, heal, mitigate, or prevent any disease, illness, symptom or medical condition, or to substitute medical treatment of any kind or to affect the structure or any function of the body. Any information on https://Ereada.com or on linked websites or literature, on labeling or in printed materials of Ereada Corp are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, heal, mitigate, or prevent any disease, illness, symptom or medical condition or to substitute medical advice of any kind. Please, see the Legal Disclaimer page for more information.

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