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Difference between Ereada® Amethyst Mat and a Regular Heating Pad

Ereada® amethyst mat is not a standard heating pad.

It is not so hot to touch because it contains a lot of crystals and emits all energy in the form of radiant deep penetrating rays, not as conductive heat like a regular heating pad, which may feel hot but does not have such a profound impact. 

Our amethyst mats reach 158°F (70°C) on the maximum level. Conventional heating pads do not heat up so much. Their maximum temperature is usually 55°C or 130°F. 

To test the real power of the mat, you can preheat it covered with a thick blanket for half an hour to the maximum 70°C level.

Then you can put an Ereada pillow on top and 20-30 minutes later, put your hand under the pillow. The pillow blocks all FIR rays, and the mat will be very hot at that spot. If you measure the temperature, it would be 70°C of 158°F.

If you are on the mattress, all this energy travels deep into your body and still keeps you safe from burns possible with the standard heating pad. 

Regular heating pads work quite different and never emit so much energy as warmed amethyst mattresses with thousands of small crushed tumbled stones. 

Our heated stone mats are multi-layer, with an expensive EMF-free titanium 64-twisted wires heating system (0.2-0.5 MilliGauss) and distinct layers to block harmful electromagnetic waves. 

It is beyond comparing with standard pads emitting 20-40 MilliGauss while heating. The multi-layer construction is another reason for a higher price than that of the heating pad, which consists of two fabric layers and a regular heating cable inside.

Hot crystals and inner layers release negative ions and infrared rays. Of course, if we want to enjoy anions and infrared radiation, we can sit out in the sun or on the beach stones or sand (if it's hot outside, and we protect our skin from UV-rays). Even in summer, our busy life prevents us from visiting the beach or waterfalls every day even if we live nearby. And unfortunately, we do not have summertime or vacations all year long. But we need daily support for those energies which power our everyday routine.

Koreans knew this well. Since ancient times nobles made the stone floors and heated it with the wood-burning beneath during all winter.

Today we combined the modern heating technologies with Amethyst crystals to make it much easier to get the same effects whenever you need and without leaving home.


If you would like to test if the Ereada® amethyst mat works for you, it is a risk-free deal. The cheapest pads mini mats 20"x32" cost $345-$495.

We have a free return policy for 30 days if you do not like the amethyst mat for any reason.

If so, please email us Ereada@Ereada.com, for return instructions (we ship the mat to you free of charge, but you are responsible for return shipping) and full refund process.

It is a significant investment, and we understand that it is not worth to spend a lot of money if you have no benefits.

Try it, risk-free!

Now we have almost all of our mats in both 110-120V versions for the North American Voltage (also used in Japan) and the 220-240V models for Europe, Asia, and South America. 

110-120V and 220-240V mats are entirely different. They will not work with another voltage without a large and noisy power converter.

When you select the model, please make sure you choose the right one!

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