Ereada Amethyst Pillow 19"L x 12"W x 3.3"H Rich Brown GENTLE with Detachable Pad

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Ereada Corp is an American company specializing in high-end products from jewelry natural Amethyst gems.

Our company focuses on Amethyst mats and non-powered luxury products from this precious stone for health and well-being.

A new generation of the electric-powered deep infrared heat Ereada® FIR Amethyst Mat comes in five convenient sizes: Mini, Midsize, Professional, Single, and Queen for use on your chair, bed, massage table, couch or even on the floor for yoga and stretching.

Two collections of our mats in Purple and Rich Brown colors come with the matching Ereada® Amethyst pillows in two sizes: standard and mini.

Ereada® Amethyst Pillow is a comfortable elastic memory foam cushion with GENTLE cervical support. It comes with a thick Amethyst layer releasing natural far infrared rays and negative ions. 

It is our newest Pillow with a detachable pad with crystals that you can easily take out of the pillow foam insert and put on your regular sleeping pillow. You can also use this pad with Amethysts to cover your body or to roll and put under your neck or knee.


The pillow contains around 2,5 pounds of natural untreated purple Amethyst crystals. The beautiful wave lines design is elegant and upscale. A clear film line shows Amethyst crystals, abundant under the entire wavy surface.

The removable pad with crystals from high-quality, durable suede is pleasant to touch.  Amethyst crystals under your head return pleasant dreams and relaxation. 

Ereada® Amethyst Pillow is an excellent addition to all Amethyst mats and pads, definitely recommended for use in both home and professional settings.

  • Non-powered. Naturally emits negative ions and far-infrared rays.
  • Supports neck and keeps head elevated and fresh when using FIR mat
  • Forms a luxury set with all Ereada® Amethyst and Gemstone mats
  • Helps to create a relaxing environment ideal for restful all-night sleep

The pillow provides proper head and neck support during heat therapy sessions. It is particularly beneficial when using the mat for shorter periods at a high heat level.

Non-Powered Pillow naturally releases Infrared rays & Negative Ions safely and delicately. 

Bio pillow is excellent for beautification and invigoration.


Ereada® Amethyst Pillow, Brown


ColorRich Brown
StyleWith Detachable Amethyst Pad
Weight6 lb ( 2,7 kg )
Amethyst Crystal Weight2,5 lb ( 1.1 kg )
Amethyst Crystal size2-7 mm, tumbled shape
Amethyst ColorNatural Violet Clear ( no paints added )
Amethyst OriginKorea
Amethyst Refractive Index1.544-1.553
Pillow fillerSoft Elastic Memory Foam
Pillow dimensions19 x 12 x 3,3 inches ( 48 x 31 x 8,5 cm )
Heating Power Consumptionnon-powered
Made by
Hyundai Medical, South Korea

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The product is made in Korea by GMP, ISO, CE, and Korean KFDA registered facility of Hyundai Co Ltd exclusively for our company Ereada Corp.

  • Pillow contains rows of amethyst gems sewn into the entire length of the pillow. Around 2.2 pounds of the 100% natural Korean purple Amethyst known by ancient practitioners as a healing stone associated with sobering and calming qualities called "nature's tranquilizer." 
  • Standard Amethyst pillow is 19"L x12"W x 3.5” H, total weight 5 pounds. Non-powered. It does not utilize electricity. Naturally and gently emits negative ions and far-infrared rays reflecting your body and head’s heat to activate far-infrared rays from amethyst crystals in the pillow. Captures warmth from overheated zones of the head and redistributes it to the lower temperature parts.
  • Supports neck and keeps head elevated and fresh when using a hot stone mat or heating pad. The pillow consists of 2 parts: the memory foam insert and the detachable pad with crystals. The zipper allows you to remove the insert and use the pad with Amethysts on your regular pillow for comfortable sleeping. Heat resistant insert is hard for firm cervical support and especially useful for high heat detoxification procedures on the FIR mat.
  • Great to use this Rich Brown Amethyst Pillow also without the heating mat to create a relaxing environment ideal for restful all-night sleep, to protect both body and mind from unwanted EMFs. When sleeping on your side, a pillow, or a rolled pad between your knees can reduce stress on your hips and provide a more comfortable position for your lower back.
  • Amethyst is known to soothe people engaged in constant rigorous mental activity. Amethyst Pillows may help to get a rejuvenation look of your face and hair. 

We started as users ourselves and highly appreciated the benefits of the healing power of precious natural stones and heating therapy. 

The strong wish to make these products more convenient and affordable to share our positive experience with our relatives, friends, and all other people of the same holistic believe encouraged us to start this business.

We do our best to provide our clients with the highest quality products at the best price in the market.

Sleep Better and Wake Up re-Energized!

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Ereada Amethyst Pillow 19"L x 12"W x 3.3"H Rich Brown GENTLE with Detachable Pad

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