Controller for Ereada Far Infrared Mini Mat with N.P. function

Controller for Ereada Far Infrared Mini Mat with N.P. function
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Controller for Ereada Far Infrared Mini Mat with N.P. function Controller for Ereada Far Infrared Mini Mat with N.P. function
$ 120.00

CONTROLLER for Brown Ereada Amethyst and Gemstone Mini Mats with N.P.

Q-2000NP Controller for Ereada Mini Mats with Silver Fiber Negative Potential Layer

This controller allows to adjust the temperature of inner low EMF heating systems with 5°C  increment in the range 86°F~158°F (30°C-70°C).

It activates and auto shuts-off Negative Potential Electrostatic Field after 30 minutes.

This controller does not have time settings but has built-in safety timer set to automatically turn the mat off in 8 hours.

Heat levels are displayed as Celsius Temperature on the controller screen.

30°C 86°F (Sleeping mode)
35°C 95°F (Lowest mode)
40°C 104°F (Low mode)
45°C 113°F (Medium Low mode)
 50°C 122°F (Medium mode)
55°C 131°F (Medium High mode)
60°C 140°F (Medium High mode)
 65°C 149°F (High mode)
70°C 158°F (Highest mode)

Controller has built-in AUTO EMI ( Electromagnetic waves interception ) function automatically detecting and transferring absorbed EMFs spikes into the wall socket “ground pin” for Earthing.





This controller is not compatible with Ereada Mini Mats without Negative Potential function. It can be used only as replacement controller for the Mini Mats equipped with the same model of controller Q-2000NP originally.

Ereada ventilated controller is very durable and if it was not damaged while in shipping process it should work properly for many years.


To extend life, please, follow these rules:

  • When the controller plug is disconnected from the mat terminal, it is important not to pull the controller plug by the wire as it may damage the connectors or make them loose. The controller cable connector plug is to be pulled by one hand holding the mat connection terminal socket by the other hand and slowly disconnecting each from other.
  • The plug with connector from the controller to the mat terminal socket should be connected tightly. If not errors may be shown. The easiest way to solve any  problems is to reset controller by disconnecting the plug of the controller from the power socket first and then from the mat connection terminal. Then first reconnect the mat tightly and then plug it into electricity socket again. 
  • Do not put the controller on the hot mat. Do not spill water on controller. Never touch it with wet hands. Never wash it or clean with chemicals.
  • If your area is subject to frequent electrical blackouts or power spikes, it could be better to connect the device to electricity through a surge protection, AVR or UPS device similar to that one which protects computers or refrigerators. It will protect the controller from power surge caused faults.


Ask a Question
  • Hi. My controller is suddenly not working. It turns on for a second then the lights go out. Do you have any thoughts on what could cause this? No water or other liquid has come in contact with it. Never put on the heated mat. Thanks!

    Hello Marguerite,   Thanks for your question about Brown Ereada Amethyst Mini Mat Controler.

    Looks like a loss of connection.   If it is a problem we will resolve the issue ASAP by replacing the controller.

    Please, inform us your order number, mat serial number and a picture of the controller. You address confrmation will also be helpful. Please, send all info to    Such cases are very rare, maybe something in the controller or inside the mat was damaged during the shipping process, because all mats are completely tested before packing. Anyhow we take full responsibility and apologize for this issue.   But first, please, try the following troubleshooting steps:   1. Please, check if the wall socket has power and auto breaker was not triggered. You can check the socket with any other electric device.   There is an auto grounding EMF elimination function on all Ereada Mats.    The mats have a special layer with charcoal fiber and wires inside to absorb electric waves and transfer them through a special chip in the controller into the grounding plug of the wall socket.    This function may have some influence on the GFI protected sockets which can consider the electric currents in the ground wire as the signs of the short circuits between the phase and the ground plugs and automatically breakers may be activated.    The protection relay of GFI circuit detects currents as low as 5 mA and opens the circuit breaker at a significantly lower level, much quicker than the traditional one.    That is why while Ereada mat may work fine in the standard wall socket, it can not be used in some of GFI protected outlets.   Anyhow it is safe to use the mat with the standard grounded wall socket so if you have non GFI protected socket it should be OK.   2. The most frequent reason for the new controller fault is an incorrect order of controller connection.   It is necessary to initially tightly connect the mat to the controller and only after this to plug the controller into the outlet and turn ON the controller.    When you disconnect, first press button OFF, then disconnect the controller plug from the socket and only after this unplug the controller from the mat.    If you connect controller to the power source first, the safety program will lock it and transfer into safe mode. It may start to beep or will show only lines or OF or OP error on the screen.   To reactivate controller, please, try to reconnect it in correct order.   Then please, activate timer button and choose one of timer settings so that the mat could start to heat up.   3. Please, check connection between the mat and controller to be tight.    Loose connection is the course for loss of signals exchange between the mat and the controller.   Reconnection and reset are the most common ways to eliminate errors.   Sometimes the easiest way to solve the problem is to disconnect the plug of the controller from the socket first and then from the mat connection terminal.    When you disconnect the plug of the controller from the mat, please, always do it carefully with two hands, holding the connector with one hand while the other hand should pull the plug.    Please, pull the plug carefully out fo the connector on the mat.    Then first reconnect the mat tightly and then plug it into electricity socket again.    Please, do not pull by wires or connection between the mat terminal and the controller plug may become loose and it will cause errors and signal exchange loss.   But if reconnection or any other ways of troubleshooting mentioned above do not improve the situation, it means that the most probable there is a problem with the controller.    If controller is dead or shows persistent errors after reconnection we will expedite a new controller to you.   Please, inform me if reconnection was helpful or not also what is displayed on the controller,   Please, check also on  how to check if the mat is heating correctly. It takes 30-60 minutes to reach the max temperature when it is under thick blanket so better to pre-heat it before the session   I am the owner of the company and will personally take care of any questions or issues to be resolved ASAP.   Sorry again for the problem,  

    Andrey Kipor

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