Controller for Brown Ereada FIR Amethyst Mats Compact Pro, Professional and Single

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CONTROLLER for Brown Ereada Amethyst Mats Compact Pro, Professional, Single with N.P. function

Controller for Compact PRO and larger Brown Ereada Amethyst Mats with Silver Fiber Negative Potential Layer

All Controllers for Rich Brown Compact Pro, Professional and Single Amethyst Mats have a temperature dial to chose one of seven temperature settings in the range between 86°F~158°F (30°C-70°C) displayed as levels 1-7 on the controller screen.

It activates and auto-shuts off Negative Potential Electrostatic Field after 60 minutes.

These controllers have three time settings for 3, 6 or 9 hours of procedure length to chose. The Timer should be activated to start heating and all other functions. Controller auto-shuts off the mat after preset time expires.

Heat levels are displayed as Levels on the controller screen.

 LEVEL 186°F or 30°C (Sleeping mode)
 LEVEL 298°F or 36°C (Low mode)
 LEVEL 3110°F or 43°C (Low medium mode)
 LEVEL 4120F or 49C (Medium mode)
 LEVEL 5133°F or 56°C (Medium High mode)
 LEVEL 6145°F or 63°C (High mode)
LEVEL 7158°F or 70°C (Highest mode)

Controller has built-in AUTO EMI ( Electromagnetic waves interception ) function automatically detecting and transferring absorbed EMFs spikes into the wall socket “ground pin” for Earthing.


THIS CONTROLLER FITS BROWN EREADA AMETHYST COMPACT PRO MATS 24"x59", PROFESSIONAL MATS 29"x73" AND SINGLE SIZE MATS 39"x75". It does not fit Purple Ereada Mats and Gemstone Ereada Mats.

Before 2015 these controllers were calibrated for 9 temperature levels in the same temperature range. We reduced number of levels for better reliability but all prior to 2015 models of Brown Ereada Amethyst Mats are completely compatible with these new controllers with 7 heat levels.

Ereada ventilated controller is very durable and if it was not damaged while in shipping process it should work properly for many years.


To extend life, please, follow these rules:

  • When the controller plug is disconnected from the mat terminal, it is important not to pull the controller plug by the wire as it may damage the connectors or make them loose. The controller cable connector plug is to be pulled by one hand holding the mat connection terminal socket by the other hand and slowly disconnecting each from other.
  • The plug with connector from the controller to the mat terminal socket should be connected tightly. If not errors may be shown. The easiest way to solve any  problems is to reset controller by disconnecting the plug of the controller from the power socket first and then from the mat connection terminal. Then first reconnect the mat tightly and then plug it into electricity socket again. 
  • Do not put the controller on the hot mat. Do not spill water on controller. Never touch it with wet hands. Never wash it or clean with chemicals.
  • If your area is subject to frequent electrical blackouts or power spikes, it could be better to connect the device to electricity through a surge protection, AVR or UPS device similar to that one which protects computers or refrigerators. It will protect the controller from power surge caused faults.
Controller for Brown Ereada FIR Amethyst Mats Compact Pro, Professional and Single

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