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Our company, Ereada Corp, is operating Ereada.Com  website and Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Store on Amazon introducing Ereada® FIR Amethyst Mats and InfraRed Hot Stone Mats  and Heating Pads from other gemstones.

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We have gained excellent reputation for our products quality and customer services. 
You can see Product Reviews left by our buyers here on Ereada.Com on products pages and in addition, please, open on a new page the Amazon reviews following these links:

Rich Brown Ereada Classic Amethyst Mats and Gemstone PEMF Mats reviews on Amazon

or use this link

Purple Ereada Bio Magnetic Photonic Amethyst Mats reviews on Amazon

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Ereada Far Infrared Non-Electric Amethyst Pillows reviews on Amazon

or use this link 
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You can also use this link to see Our customers Feedbacks about shopping experience with Ereada Far Infrared Mat Store on Amazon
All questions regarding the Ereada® Far Infrared (FIR) Amethyst or Gemstone Mat purchase, use or maintenance, warranty issues or return authorisation should be directed to Ereada Corp by email
We are willing to help you and though we guarantee reply for any question within 24 hours, we always try to reply immediately.

You may also contact our customer service by the toll free phone: (800) 688-7780.

Please, understand that we do not provide any medical advices.

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