Heat Therapy

Amethyst Biomat Heat Therapy

The application of heat to treat certain conditions, including possible tumors, has a long history.

Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used hot stones, wrapping into hot blankets or immersing into the hot water or sand to treat breast masses.

Twenty four hundred years ago «The Father of Western medicine» Hippocrates noticed the tumors shrinkage after the fever and came to the idea of inducing fever to cure diseases.

Medical practitioners in ancient India used regional and whole-body hyperthermia for healing purposes and anti-aging.

Asians heated by the sun rays the hand made mats with Amethyst, Tourmaline and Jadeite stones to accumulate the thermal healing power of the sun light which was transferred to the body while sleeping on the mat in the night.

Turkish baths, Russian banya and Finnish sauna are the other samples of traditional heat treatments and health enhancing.

thermo therapy with biomat

Modern scientists consider that hypothermia (low body temperature) may be the cause of many diseases including cancer as even one degree 1°C (1.8°F) increase of our body temperature may improve the immune function of our body by 40% and enhance production of serotonin, enzymes and hormones by up to 50%, stimulate the metabolic processes up to 12% increasing calories burn and fat loss.*

The following types of local and whole body hyperthermia therapy are used in the modern medicine for cancer treatment and other medical condition:

  • focused ultrasound
  • microwave heating
  • induction heating
  • magnetic hyperthermia
  • infrared sauna

During such treatments the body temperature reaches several levels: mild between 39.5 and 40.5°C (103.1 and 104.9°F), medium between 41.8–42°C (107.2–107.6°F) and intensive up to 43–44°C (109–111°F).

Longer times and higher temperatures proved to be more effective even in cancer cell killing but also have a higher risk of toxicity.

Under the influence of the body temperature increase the cellular regeneration mechanisms are activated, the toxins and wastes are eliminated by sweating, and resistance to disease is increased.

Heat therapy has great potential for healing and anti-aging.

Ereada® FIR Amethyst Mats and Gemstone Heating Pads are the last developments of the local and whole body heating devices for home use. 


Ereada® Mat construction provides negative ions generation and far infrared deep penetration heating without any harmful electromagnetic fields ( EMF ) emissions.

Full protection from harmful EMF is provided by the double silicon isolation of heating elements and by the special EMI (electro magnetic waves interceptor) layers with charcoal fiber, copper and aluminum foil. Heavy Amethyst layer also is known for high level of harmful EMF interception. 

These electronic-wave proof layers shield the user from both electromagnetic waves produced by the mat heating system and as well from the other EMF generated by electronic devices in the space around.

Safety and absence of harmful electromagnetic fields is confirmed by EMF tests in Korean registered Laboratory. Please, go to docs and downloads to get the related certificates.

All questions regarding the Ereada® Far Infrared ( FIR) Amethyst or Gemstone Mat purchase, use or maintenance, warranty issues or return authorisation should be directed to Ereada Corp by email ereada@ereada.com. We are willing to help you and though we guarantee reply for any question within 24 hours, we always try to reply immediately. Our average Amazon metric reply time is less than 3 hours. All inquiries through the web site or by corporate email are prioritized in the same manner as received through Amazon.

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