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We are proud to introduce Far Infrared Gemstone mats and pillows made in Korea.

Our mats, lined with natural gemstones, are used for yoga, massage, traditional Chinese practices, and general well-being. 

Amethyst is the main gemstone used for Ereada® mats. It is 100% natural, untreated, unpainted, and certified by special labs and gemological institutes in Korea.

Ereada@ mats do not have built-in infrared lamps and do not work like standard powered heating pads. Instead, Ereada@ Amethyst mats naturally release infrared rays.

  • Non-powered Ereada® mats use your own body heat to make Amethyst stones warm.

  • Electric Ereada® mats use an advanced EMF-free heating system based on twisted titanium wires in copper net, silicon, and Teflon insulation to preheat the stones.

When heated, Amethysts emit a pleasant warmth, primarily as Far Infrared crystal rays.

Resting on the hot Amethyst Mat during cold seasons is enjoyable due to its warmth, coziness, and tranquility.

During summer, a non-powered gemstone mat absorbs excessive heat, creating a cool and comfortable environment.

Three product lines of Ereada® Amethyst mats are manufactured by a division of the famous Hyundai Co in Korea, a company with almost 20 years of crystal FIR mats production experience.

Classic Brown Amethyst mats with two windows showing crystals design and extra silver fiber layer for NP (Negative Potential)

Brown Ereada Amethyst Mattress Collection


Gray Amethyst mats with two windows showing crystals design and Magnetism feature

Grey Ereada PEMF Bio Magnetic Amethyst Mat Collection

Multifunctional Purple mats with additional Magnetism and 660 nm visible Red Light (Photon function)

Ereada Purple Bio Stimulation Amethyst Mat Collection 

    Ereada® Gemstone mats with a blend of natural gems and static multipolar magnetism (natural comparable to PEMF feature).

    Ereada Gemstone Bio-Magnetic Mat Collection

    Ereada Corp proudly states that the products are vegan. Our mats and pillows do not contain any materials of animal origin. Good for the planet and good for animals!

    What distinguishes us and makes our products unique?

    • We manufacture Ereada® Amethyst mats in Korea, where they were originally invented 20 years ago, not in China. Unlike many imitations of Richway Bio-mats in the market, it is the ORIGINAL, time-tested quality. The lifespan of these mats is 2-3 times longer than those made by competitors. *We produce Ereada Gemstone mats with multipolar magnets in China but using the same top-end technologies. 
    • Ereada® warranty covers professional and commercial heavy-duty use. 
    • All Gemstones used in our mats are certified as A or A+ grades and tested by the prestigious Korean Gemological Institute.
    • Unique Negative Potential Function, also called Electrical Discharge of Negative Ions E.D.N.I., releases ions through a special silver fifer layer.
    • Ereada® mats are much heavier than those mats of the same size offered by other suppliers. Our Mats have thicker layers and contain 30-40% more Amethyst and other gems per mat of the same size to generate more InfraRed Heat and Anions. 
    • Your order comes with a waterproof cover and a cushioning pad to protect your mat and make your sessions or sleeping more comfortable
    • Purple mats have a 10-times brighter monochromic 660Nm Red Light LEDs Bio Photon function than competitors'.
    • All Brown Ereada® Amethyst mattresses feature the N.P. function (also called E.D.N.I. or Electrical Discharge of Negative Ions) -   the most advanced Negative Ion technology.
    • Our Gray and Purple Amethyst Mat outperform other similar products by the most powerful in the market magnetism with powerful copper coils. 
    • You always have fast and direct email access to CEO-level customer service to resolve all matters in a short and no-hassle way. You do not need to wait for the repair. The issues are rare, but in case of warranty problems, we provide you with a replacement and a prepaid return shipping label for your unit.  Email us at ereada@ereada.com; our customer service works even during weekends and holidays.

    Modern electric-powered Infrared amethyst mats and heating pads are branded as Ereada® Amethyst mats, Gemstone mats, and Ereada® non-powered pillows. Please check the 10 advantages of Ereada® mats over competitors' products before your purchase.

    Our mats come in the following sizes (for details, please check the specifications comparison charts ):
    • 20" x 32" Mini 
    • 24" x 59" Medium ( Compact Pro )
    • 29"x 73" Pro 
    • 39" x 75" Single 
    • 59" x 76" Queen 
    • 20" x 12" x 4" Ereada® Amethyst Pillow ( non-powered )
    • Amethyst Mini Pillow ( non-powered )

    Both non-powered and powered product lines combine the general wellness benefits of the major natural elements of the Earth and Sun: Light, Crystal, Mountains, Air, and Water.  

    Ereada® products:

    • are ideal to create a beautification and relaxation environment and healthy lifestyle pursuits
    • provide natural stress-free setting great for for natural relaxation, reenergizing and restful all-night sleep
    • help feel renewed and energized, support active lifestyle, well-being, self-awareness and positiveness
    • have luxury pattern and high-end elegance embroidery design
    • are built from the highest quality materials with great attention to details, they are pieces of art
    • represent original Korean quality with 10-20 years lifespan with prices only a little higher than those of Chinese imitations

    You can read more about the benefits of amethyst products here.

    Amethyst products are also believed to block the unwanted effects of "evil water" and electromagnetic waves.

    Risk-Free Trial, Warranty, and Return policy

    The products are covered with an easy refund policy, usually, we refund you the full purchase price, but you will be responsible for the return shipping.

    By buying Ereada® Amethyst Mats, you get a Risk Free Trial period of 30 days. If you do not like the mat, you may return it for a full refund. You will be responsible for shipping costs and restocking fees.

    We provide one year Warranty from the date of purchase. Replacement parts for standard wear and tear are always available for prompt delivery.

    Please, see the detailed warranty and shipping, and return policy for more information.

    About us

    We started as users ourselves and highly appreciated the benefits of the power of precious natural stones and heat.

    We also noted some design shortages, technical faults, and especially the excessive price level for the mats available in the market and some shady selling practices.

    The strong wish to make these products more convenient and affordable to share our positive experiences with our relatives, friends, and all other people of the same holistic beliefs encouraged us to start this business.

    Now Ereada Corp does its best to provide our clients with the highest quality, long-life products with the best value in the market.

     We treat ourselves and our customers as members of the same society and have strong ethical principles of honest dealing and an open business model.

    We share all our knowledge and information to benefit everyone with health needs. Click here to learn more about us.


    All questions regarding the Ereada® Amethyst Mat purchase, use or maintenance, warranty issues, or return authorization should be directed to Ereada Corp by email at ereada@ereada.com.  

    We are willing to help you, and though we guarantee a reply to any question within 24 hours, we always try to reply immediately.

    All inquiries through the website or by corporate email are prioritized.

    You may also contact our customer service by toll-free phone: (800) 688-7780.

    Please, understand that we do not provide any medical advice.

    Note: Ereada® mats are great for general wellness. They awaken restfulness, comfort and invigoration, powers, and energies, and can become an important part of your healthy lifestyle. Ereada® mats may help supplement your lifestyle, but neither Ereada mats nor literature nor any other information on the website or linked to are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, mitigate, or prevent any disease, illness, or medical condition or to substitute medical treatment of any kind or to affect the structure or any function of the body. Please, see the Legal Disclaimer page for more information.

    The application of heat has a long history. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used hot stones, wrapping into hot blankets or immersing into the hot water or sand.

    Practitioners in ancient India used regional and whole-body hyperthermia for health purposes and anti-aging.

    Asians heated by the sun the hand made mats with Amethyst, Agate, Tourmaline and Jadeite stones to accumulate the thermal healing power of the sun light which was transferred to the body while sleeping on the mat in the night.

    Turkish bath, Russian banya and Finnish sauna are the other samples of traditional heat treatments that enhance wellbeing.

    Thermal methods have great potential and the InfraRed Energy radiated by Amethyst crystals is the best source of such heat.*

    Dr. Uwe, a famous naturopath from Germany, states in his bestseller book 98,6 F the Ideal Body Temperature as the Secret to Optimum Health that hypothermia, or low temperature, may be the cause or mark of many disorders and usually comes with age. 

    The book linked above is only for informational purposes. It does not construe any medical advice or claims about Ereada® products, and like all research articles or literature, it may contain errors. The author is neither related to nor affiliated with Ereada Corp.

    As per Dr. Uwe's data, hot crystals and hot stones may have great potential to support the reversal to optimal temperatures.

    It is really very pleasant for almost everybody to lay on hot stones, especially in cold or chilly seasons, because of the warmth, coziness, and tranquility feeling you get from hot crystals.

    All crystals, especially amethyst and tourmaline, crushed into small pieces provide an even distribution of warmth and may balance mental, physical, and spiritual wellness levels through two natural processes: negative ion emission and the release of far-infrared rays

    Thanks to hot crystals, it is possible to manage comfort and wellness and naturally maintain the quality of life.

    During hot seasons, the best practice may be to use the stones and crystals without heating so that they can create a comfortable environment, absorbing excessive heat and cooling you down.

    It is the main way the unpowered gemstone mats are used in Asian countries.

    Note: Ereada® mat can become an important part of your daily activity and general wellness regimen and supplement your healthy lifestyle. It may help to create relaxing or reenergizing environment awakening the restfulness, comfort and invigoration powers, energies and inner forces. Ereada® mats are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, heal, mitigate, or prevent any disease, illness, symptom or medical condition, or to substitute medical treatment of any kind or to affect the structure or any function of the body. Any information on https://Ereada.com or on linked websites or literature, on labeling or in printed materials of Ereada Corp are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, heal, mitigate, or prevent any disease, illness, symptom or medical condition or to substitute medical advice of any kind. Please, see Legal Disclaimerpage for more information.

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