Thin Waterproof Cover for Professional Mats 29"x73"

Thin Waterproof Cover for Professional Mats 29"x73"
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$ 50.00
We customize our mats including FREE OF CHARGE into each box with the Ereada mat Two types of breathable waterproof protection covers specially designed for your FIR Amethyst or Gemstone Mat to protect it from spills, sweat, smell, dirt, bed mites, bacteria and moisture:

  1. A special THICK EREADA PROTECTOR WITH 3-D AIR MESH PAD AND EREADA LOGO ON TOP. It is featured with elastic skirt to fix protector on the mat and zipper for controller connector.
  2. THIS THIN PROTECTION COVER with 4 elastic straps in the corners to fix it on the mat.
Both protectors are completely permeable for Far InfraRed Heat, PEMF and Negative Ion treatment, though the Thick padded one may dissipate some conductive heat and block Red Light. So for phototns it may be better to use your mat without covers.

It is recommended to ALWAYS PUT this washable and dryer friendly thin Cover on top of the non-washable thick 3-D Pad if you use both.


cover for amethyst biomat


To protect and keep clean your Ereada  FIR Mat we recommend to put this Thin Waterproof Protective Cover on top of  the FIR Mat or on top of the Thick Ereada Protector with 3-D Air Mesh Pad if it is used on the mat.

Thin Waterproof Protective Cover is breathable with great permeability for Anions, FIR Heat, Magnetic Waves.

You can easily fix this cover on the mat with 4 angle straps.

The cover repels spills, absorbs sweat, allows moisture to evaporate from the mat and does not block conductive heat so strong as the Thick Protector.

This thinner protector is especially useful for short time sauna type high heat intensive procedures when more thermal energy is desirable.

Most important is that it is washable. 


The main difference of the Thin Cover composition from that of the Ereada Thick 3-D Protector is the absence of 3-Dimensional Air Mesh LAYER #4 and lack of fitted Layer #3 on picture above.

But the thin cover with 3 layers has it's own advantage, it is machine washable and so much easier for maintenance.

This Thin Protection Cover also has good sweat absorption and same as Thick Protector with 3-D Pad, it is built with the special waterproof heat stable PVC-free Dancel membrane inside the durable coral fleece layers.



You can also always add several layers of bamboo or cotton sheets or towels on the top of your mat, 3-D Pad and Cover to make the sessions more comfortable.

As soon as your body gets accustomed to crystals pressure you may chose to take away extra layers one-by-one.

We hope that you will enjoy your Infrared Amethyst Mat's effects and beauty and that protectors will help you feel more comfortable during the sessions.


Ask a Question
  • how do the covers allow the light through? I have other LED red light devices and it is suggested to not even have lotion on the skin to get the full penetration, I am wondering how the covers allow for this> I just purchased a purple amethyst mat for my clinic, so I need to change the covers between each patient, It would be more cost effective if I was just able to put a sheet over the thin bamboo cover, but I am concerned that the patient will not get all the benefits, please advise.

    Hello Danni,

    Thank you for your questions.
    It’s best to use the mat without any covers, clothes or lotions on to receive the full benefits from the red-light therapy. You can try using a sheet on top of the mat, without the bamboo cover, otherwise a patient might not get the full effect from the red lights, if any cover is attached. However, even with a sheet applied, the client might not receive the full rays.

    I hope you will find this information useful.
    If you have any questions, please let me know. I'm always happy to help you.
    Have a wonderful day.

  • Hi! When will the thin mattress coves for the 73x29 mats be back in stock?

    Hello, Thank you for your question.The cover is available and you may proceed with the purchase.Have a great day ahead!

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