MediCrystal™ FIR Amethyst Belt™ 63"L x 8"W XL

MediCrystal™ FIR Amethyst Belt™ 63"L x 8"W XL
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MediCrystal™ FIR Amethyst Belt™ 63"L x 8"W XL MediCrystal™ FIR Amethyst Belt™ 63"L x 8"W XL MediCrystal™ FIR Amethyst Belt™ 63"L x 8"W XL MediCrystal™ FIR Amethyst Belt™ 63"L x 8"W XL MediCrystal™ FIR Amethyst Belt™ 63"L x 8"W XL MediCrystal™ FIR Amethyst Belt™ 63"L x 8"W XL MediCrystal™ FIR Amethyst Belt™ 63"L x 8"W XL
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Besides the four size models ( Mini, Medium, Pro and Queen ) of the electric powered deep penetrating infrared heat MediCrystal Far Infrared Amethyst Mat collection we present also a smaller MediCrystal FIR Amethyst Belt™ for use on the local areas as back, knee, shoulders, neck, elbows.

MediCrystal Far Infrared Amethyst Belt™, Reddish-Brown


Amethyst Belt™ Color Reddish-Brown Luxury Maroon
Amethyst Belt™ Weight 3,5 lb ( 1,4 kg )
Amethyst Crystal Weight 1,2 lb ( 0,55 kg )
Amethyst Crystal size 2-7 mm, tumbled shape
Amethyst Color Natural Violet Clear ( no paints added )
Amethyst Refractive Index 1.544-1.553
Temperature Range  86°F ~ 158°F ( 30°C ~ 70°C )
Size 8 x 63 inches ( 20 x 160 cm )
Heating Area 8 x 18 inches ( 20 x 46 cm )
Heating Power Consumption 42 Watts
Rated Voltage AC 110v / 60hz
Controller Black Brown LED display controller with timer, heating and anion function
Made by FDA registered facility of  Liaoyang County Dikangyuan Textiles Co, China

The main part of the Ereada Amethyst Belt™ 15 layers system is a thick Amethyst layer forming all the heating area of the detachable belt pad and releasing far infrared rays and negative ions. This belt contains more than 1,2 pounds of natural untreated purple Amethyst crystals.

The heated area of the belt pad is 8 inches wide and 18 inches long. The Amethyst heating pad can be disconnected from the belt strap and used as a small Amethyst Mat on the local areas of the body. The Belt pad is usually used for shoulders, knees, elbows, neck, lower back.

Please, measure your waist properly if you are going to use the Ereada Amethyst Belt™ for your lower back or belly. Though the total length of the belt straps is almost 63 inches, they need to overlap a little to lock and the maximum possible circumference is not recommended to be more than 53 inches. 

MediCrystal Amethyst Belt™ is equipped with an adjustable heat intensity in the range 86°F ~ 158°F ( 30°C ~ 70°C )  electromagnetic fields free double silicon electrical heating system and extra layers of negative potential non-woven fabric anion generation system.

The belt is supplied with a new model black-brown overheat proof controller  that enables you to set the temperature level and session time.

The belt emits far  and mid infra-red rays with 93% efficiency in the most absorbable wave length range between 4 and 16 microns. This infra-red light is refracted and geometrically structured by the amethyst crystals layer to penetrate 15-20 cm (6-8 inches) deep into tissues.

FIR Amethyst Belt™ uses the high end most precise in the industry Bi-Metal heat sensors to control heating functions within the different layers of the mat. 

The beautiful wave design with one window looks luxury and the best quality leather fabric is durable and soft to touch and feel. Ereada Amethyst Belt™ uses only the highest quality materials.

The product is made under seven-stage quality control at the oldest factory in northern China: Liaoyang County Dikangyuan Textiles Co registered with the FDA, FCC, and certified by CE.

We started as users ourselves and highly appreciated the benefits of precious natural stones and heat.

We also noted some design shortage, technical faults and especially the excessive prices for Amethyst mats available in the market as well as some shady selling practices.

The strong wish to make these products more convenient and affordable to share our positive experience with our relatives, friends and all other people encouraged us to start this business.

We do our best to provide our clients with the highest quality products at the best price in the market. Please, check our website  for other types of Amethyst infra-red heating mats, pads, pillows and other luxury products.

The Amethyst Mat Pillow is a long life product built to last. It comes with a full one year warranty. Our customer support service will always respond within 24 hours or less 7 days a week.  

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