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Ereada Grey and Purple mats feature Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields System. The PEMF function allows selecting frequencies of 1-8 levels by pressing the PEMF button repeatedly. It is adjustable in the range between 8 and 64 Hz, with an 8 Hz increment.

Also, you can select the program "9" randomly changing all frequencies in this range every half-second. Purple Mini Mat’s PEMF frequencies are not adjustable (50 Hz only)

Once activated, any PEMF program is ON for 20 minutes and OFF for 100 minutes, a total of 4 cycles repeat, the full program length is 6 hours 20 minutes, then it auto-off.

The Gray and Purple Ereada Mini mats have two PEMF coils, the Midsize Mat comes with three coils, a Professional one with four coils, and the Single-size mat has five PEMF coils across the central line in the upper half of the mat.

You can check the PEMF levels with our simple PEMF tester with a small piece of magnet in the plastic vial. Or you can buy on Amazon any EMF tester, like a K2 one. It will blink with the same rate as your controller's built it indicator line.

Please download the full report PDF file here.

Summary of PEMF and EMF testing of Ereada Professional mats

PEMF for different PEMF settings over one coil

Researched by C.D. Lytle, Ph.D., in January 2020

Mat:  Ereada Grey Professional Amethyst Mat

Mat settings: PEMF variable, 0 heat, ION off

Magnetometer:  EMF Tester  PCE-EMF 823

The range used:  0 - 20000 mGauss

The instrument was positioned vertically over coil at 8.5 inches from the top of crystal mat*

PEMF values for different PEMF settings of one coil

PEMF setting         Meter reading       Quoted levels

  #        mGauss          Frequency        Gauss

  1.        440                     8                   100
  2.        980                   16                   125
  3.      1500                   24                   150
  4.      2100                   32                    200
  5.      2500                   40                    250
  6.      3100                   48                    300
  7.      3900                   56                    350
  8.      4100                   64                    400

*The sensor of the magnetometer is located in the center of the top end of the meter.  When the meter is placed vertically, the sensor is closest to the mat surface.  If the meter were placed horizontally, the sensor would actually be 5/8” above the mat surface, resulting in a lower meter reading.


  1. Measured values are roughly 1 % of quoted PEMF coil values (measured on the bare coil), presumably because of mat thickness, distance, and materials between the coils and the magnetometer sensor.
  2. Measured values for settings #1 and #2 were lower than the 1% values, presumably because those frequencies were outside the bandwidth of the PEMF meter (30-300 Hz).
  3. The readings are consistent with the individual EMF pulses being of equal magnitude and proportional in number to the PEMF setting numbers.


Profile of PEMF along the center length of the mat

Mat:  Ereada Grey Professional Amethyst Mat

Mat settings: PEMF #8, 0 heat, ION off

Magnetometer:  EMF Tester  PCE-EMF 823

The range used:  0 - 20000 mGauss

The magnetometer was laid horizontally on the mat to reduce the effect of uneven surface; the sensor was 5/8” (1.6 cm) above the mat surface.  Distance from PEMF coil to mat surface is unknown.

PEMF measurements made along the centerline over peak readings of coils distances measured from the top edge of crystal tubes

Distance from top         Uncovered mat       Covered** mat    

Inches                           mGauss                  mGauss

4                                     370                        470

8.37*                              2820                      1990

12.75                              790                         680

17*                                3250                         2060

21                                    810

25*                                3340

29                                   350

32.5*                              2980

37                                   260

44                                    40

* Denotes PEMF peaks, presumably over PEMF coils, evenly spaced along the centerline of the mat

Covered**:  Two Ereada covers plus a bedsheet plus a knitted afghan


  1. The highest readings on the uncovered mat, presumably above PEMF coils, was approximately 3 Gauss (~0.75% of the quoted value of loops). When the meter's sensor had been directly on the mat surface, readings were 3540-4100 milliGauss over the first PEMF coil. The values over the inner-most coils (located at 17 and 25 inches) were slightly higher than over the outer coils (8+ and 32.5 inches). Similar for between coils.
  2. The covers reduced the PEMF readings by about 30%, presumably because of thickness/distance from coils. Profile of PEMF across the mat at different intervals from top

Mat:  Ereada Grey Professional Amethyst Mat

Mat settings: PEMF #8, 0 heat, ION off

Magnetometer:  EMF Tester  PCE-EMF 823

The range used:  0 - 20000 mGauss

The instrument was laid horizontally onto the mat; the sensor was 5/8” (1.6 cm) above the mat surface.

PEMF measurements made along lines parallel to crystal tubes, at distances measured from the top

*measurements associated with apparent coils


  1. A significant drop of PEMF from maximum typically occurred within 1-2 inches.
  2. Dropoff was asymmetric with higher PEMF values on the left side, perhaps because that side was depressed more from use.
  3. There were also some irregular high readings on the left side.

PEMF measured at different heights over one coil

Mat:  Ereada Grey Professional Amethyst Mat, uncovered

Mat settings: PEMF #8, 0 heat, ION off

Magnetometer:  EMF Tester  PCE-EMF 823

The range used:  0 - 20000 mGauss

The instrument was held vertically over the mat.

PEMF measurements above high PEMF value*

Height above mat surface    PEMF

                                            Experiment 1    Experiment 2

Inches                                               mGauss

  1.                                      3540                            4100
  2.                                      1270                            1550
  3.                                       700                               780
  4.                                                         390
  5.                                       210                                220
  6.                                                         150

* measured at 8.25 inches from the top of mat over the first coil   


Distribution of 100 mGauss PEMF over covered* mat

Mat:  Ereada Grey Professional Amethyst Mat

Covered*:  Two Ereada covers plus a bedsheet plus a knitted afghan

Mat settings: PEMF #8, 0 heat, ION off

Magnetometer:  Trifield Meter, the range used:  0 - 100 mGauss

Position above mat for 100 mGauss reading

Distance from                                             Distance from Height above mat that read 100 mGauss          

top of mat             right side of the mat      

(inches)                         (inches)                              (inches)

4                                     6.5                                       6

                                       13                                        7.75

8.5                                  6.5                                        6.5

                                       13                                          9

                                      19.5                                       8.5

12.2                                6.5                                          7

                                       13                                          8.5

                                       19.5                                        9

17                                    6.5                                        6.5

                                        13                                         8.5

                                        19.5                                       9


  1. There is a ‘cloud’ of 100 mGauss PEMF over at least half of the mat extending at least 6 inches above the covered mat

    Ereada Corp is grateful to C.D. Lytle, Ph.D. for data collection, testing the mat, meticulously researching and preparing this report!

    Carl, thank you so much for your attention, time, and assistance!

    Please check for more information in our Knowledge Base

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